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DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

Chub Daniels Memorial – Night 2 – 3/6/10

16th Winter Meltdown / Chub Daniels Memorial
The Southern New Mexico Speedway
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Modified Event Winners (Saturday, March 6th 2010)

Heat 1: Mark Dotson, Alan Sharpensteen, Philip Houston, Steve Holzkamper, Blake Jegtvig, Jimmy Ray, Richie Davis, Dennis Gates, Tristan Sikes, Dickie Gorham

Heat 2: Jeremy Payne, Curt Barnett, Jacob Gallardo, Tom Georges, Holly Jones, Grant Junghans, Terry Tipton, Bob Sikes, Steve Miller

Heat 3: Jon Tesch, Jake Boles, Eddie Martin, Jason Krohn, Lance Mari, Bobby Sikes Jr., Fito Gallardo, Nathan Bischel, Garrett Higgins, Melissa Gorham

Heat 4: Darrell Nelson, Derek Ramirez, Martin Robinson, Stormy Scott, Christy Georges, Sherman Barnett, Roy Don Mason, Joe Lackey, Morgan Bagley

Heat 5: Tim Culp, RC Whitwell, Paul Banghart, Nick O’Neal, Josh Cain, Jared Landers, Robbie Chiles, Dusty Riggs, Ronnie Salas

Heat 6: Bumper Jones, Corky Thomas, Peyton Taylor, Richie Tosh, Josh Majek, Levi DeMartino, Wesley Summers, Greg Jenkins, Travis Tipton

Heat 7: Tommy Weder Jr., Mike Hansen, Kellen Chadwick, Royal Jones, Bryan Rowland, Steve Sutton, Brian Poppa, Jack Kokot, Kelly Shryock, Patrick Carney

C-Main1: Chadwick, T. Georges, C. Georges, Cain, Landers, F. Gallardo, Junghans, Bischel, S. Barnett, Davis, Mari, Salas, T. Sikes, Carney, Kokot, M. Gorham, Riggs, Higgins, Poppa, H. Jones, Summers

C-Main 2: Tosh, Rowland, Ray, Terry Tipton, Shryock, Jegtvig, D. Gorham, DeMartino, Travis Tipton, Jenkins, Lackey, Sutton, O’Neal, Bobby Sikes Jr., Bagley, Miller, Majek, Bob Sikes, Chiles, Gates, Mason

B-Main: Hansen, S. Scott, C. Barnett, Whitwell, Holzkamper, R. Jones, Shryock, Cain, Ray, Krohn, Chadwick, Tosh, F. Gallardo, Rowland, Landers, D. Gorham, J. Gallardo, C. Georges, Robinson, Jegtvig, Terry Tipton, Boles, T. Georges, Martin, Houston

A-Main: (Top 5 to Sunday’s A-main): Payne, Weder Jr., Dotson, B. Jones, Banghart, Tesch, Hansen, Sharpensteen, Whitwell, S. Scott, Ramirez, C. Barnett, Tosh, Holzkamper, Ray, Thomas, Shryock, R. Jones, Cain, Chadwick, Krohn (NF), Nelson (NF), Culp (NF), Taylor (NF)

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