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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Jeep VanWormer takes Pierce’s Vermilion County Speedway UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals win!

DIRTcar Summer NationalsDANVILLE, Ill. (June 21) – Rebounding from a bitter breakdown while leading a night earlier, Jeep Van Wormer of Pinconning, Mich., led all 40 laps Monday at Vermilion County Speedway to capture the sixth leg of the DIRTcar Summer Nationals.

Van Wormer, who also won in Danville in 2008, earned $5,000 for his 12th career Summer Nationals victory. He turned back an early challenge by fifth-starting Jason Feger of Bloomington, Ill., who appeared to edge ahead just before a lap-13 caution for a turn-four scramble.

The yellow flag reset the field with Van Wormer on the point, and he was never headed again. Outside front-row starter Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill., the three-time and reigning series champion, finished second for his first top-five finish on the tour. He fought off challenges from third-finishing Ryan Unzicker of El Paso, Ill., while Feger fell back to fifth behind Brian Shirley of Chatham, Ill., in the closing laps.

First group
Jeep Van Wormer (55), Pinconning, Mich., 13.181
Greg Johnson (15), Bedford, Ind., 13.534
Brian Harris (75), Davenport, Iowa, 13.706
Richie Hedrick (0), Urbana, Ill., 14.065
Brandon Thirlby (m14), Traverse City, Mich., 14.086
Mark Voigt (30), Marine, Ill., 14.131
Jack Sullivan (1), Greenbrier, Ark., 14.336
Jim Moon (1m), Zionsville, Ind., 14.437
Bryant Dickinson (5*), Ionia, Mich., 14.800

Second group
Dillan White (54), Crofton, Ky., 13.207
Rodney Melvin (27), Benton, Ill., 13.467
Mark Burgtorf (7B), Quincy, Ill., 13.631
Jason Feger (25), Bloomington, Ill., 13.647
Jay Morris (77), Pittwood, Ill., 13.656
Pete Parker (10), Kaukauna, Wis., 13.661
Nick Lyons (2x), Centralia, Ill., 13.880
Wendell Wallace (88), Batesville, Ark., 13.979
Kenny Carmichael (39x), Terre Haute, Ind., 15.128

Third group
Jason Jameson (12), Lawrenceburg, Ind., 13.569
Scott Schmitt (10s), Tonica, Ill., 13.584
Bobby Pierce (32), Oakwood, Ill., 13.862
Dennis Erb Jr. (28), Carpentersville, Ill., 13.893
Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr), Batesville, Ark., 14.153
Steve Thorsten (7T), Woodworth, Ill., 14.251
Mitchell Lankford (39), Terre Haute, Ind., 14.468
Ryan Dauber (64), Tonica, Ill., no time

Fourth group
Ryan Unzicker (24), El Paso, Ill., 13.446
Brandon Sheppard (B5), New Berlin, Ill., 13.543
Brian Shirley (3s), Chatham, Ill., 13.585
Shannon Babb (18), Moweaqua, Ill, 13.739
Donny Walden (1w), Towanda, Ill., 14.06
Jason McBride (77), Carbondale, Ill., 14.316
Matt Rhyne (24m), Crown Point, Ind., 15.554
Jay Sparks (7s), Metamora, Ill., 15.695
Chris Dick (22), Deland, Ill., no time

Heat 1:
Jeep Van Wormer, Jack Sullivan, Greg Johnson, Brian Harris, Brandon Thirlby, Richie Hedrick, Mark Voigt, Jim Moon, Bryant Dickinson

Heat 2:
Jason Feger, Dillan White, Mark Burgtorf, Pete Parker, Jay Morris, Nick Lyons, Wendell Wallace, Rodney Melvin

Heat 3:
Dennis Erb Jr., Jason Jameson, Bobby Pierce, Billy Moyer Jr., Steve Thorsten, Mitchell Lankford, Scott Schmitt. Scratched: Ryan Dauber

Heat 4:
Ryan Unzicker, Brian Shirley, Brandon Sheppard, Jason McBride, Matt Rhyne, Donny Walden, Jay Sparks, Shannon Babb. Scratched: Chris Dick

B Main:
Richie Hedrick, Nick Lyons, Wendell Wallace, Donny Walden, Mark Voigt, Brandon Thirlby, Jay Morris, Matt Rhyne, Jim Moon, Nitchell Lankford, Bryant Dickinson, Steve Thornsten, Kenny Carmichael, Scott Schmitt, Jay Sparks, Rodney Melvin, Shannon Babb, Dillon White

(1) Jeep Van Wormer, (2) Dennis Erb Jr., (3) Ryan Unzicker, (4) Brian Shirley, (5) Jason Feger, (6) Jack Sullivan, (7) Mark Burgtorf, (8) Bobby Pierce, (9) Shannon Babb, (10) Billy Moyer Jr., (11) Jason Jameson, (12) Richie Hedrick, (13) Greg Johnson, (14) Mark Voigt, (15) Jason McBride, (16) Nick Lyons, (17) Brian Harris, (18) Brandon Sheppard, (19) Pete Parker, (20) Wendell Wallace, (21) Jay Sparks. Scratched: Dillan White.

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