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Meet the drivers: Crate Sportsman

25 Crate Sportsman hit the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the inaugural OneDirt World Short Track Championship.

WSTC - Colton Dimsdale

Name: Colton “Avery” Dimsdale
Class: SECA Crate Sportsman
Hometown: Inman, SC
Age: 21
Home Track: Harris Motor Speedway

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree rings true for the Dimsdale family. Father, Greg Dimsdale has been racing for more than 30 years and has passed on his passion for the sport to his four sons. Although, Colton Dimsdale will be the only member of his family racing at the ONEDIRT World Short Track Championship.

“I grew up at the track watching my dad. He’s won probably around 300 races now,” said Dimsdale. “He’s taught me everything I know, from how to work on the car to driving it on the track. When he’s racing the same night as I am he can tell me what the track is going to be like and that has helped me as a driver.”

Dimsdale has been racing for the past eight years and has been attending races at Charlotte Motor Speedway for as long as he can remember.

“I really just always wanted to race at the track and I figured this might be my only chance to actually race out there,” said Dimsdale. “I think it will be a whole lot bigger than I’m used. The track is always in good shape and it’s a nice facility. There will be a lot more cars there too. Usually we are locked in as we enter rather than having to qualify to make the race.”

Dimsdale is hoping to gain more experience, qualify and make the show to get a win at the ONEDIRT World Short Track Championships.

WSTC - Pebo Johnson Jr.

Name: “Pebo” Joesph Johnson Jr.
Class: SECA Crate Sportsman
Hometown: Lancaster, SC
Age: 31
Home Track: Lancaster Superspeedway

“Pebo” Joesph Johnson Jr. looks to his faith to carry him across the finish line every night when he hits the track.

“If it’s in the Lord’s will it will happen, and that’s the way I look at life too. There’s a purpose for everything, if I want it to happen or not I just keep my faith and trust on Him” said Johnson Jr. “I pray before each race that the Lord watches over everyone competing and keeps us safe.”

Johnson Jr. has been racing since 2000 and picked up the sport from his father.

“My dad raced for 40-something years and he got to the age where he was getting out of it and I got to the age where I picked up on it,” said Johnson Jr.

For Johnson Jr. racing is a hobby and an outlet for him to have fun and enjoy the sport but his number one goal for the week is to win.

“If there’s racing, I’ll go anywhere,” said Johnson. “I won’t say that the competition will be better because I’d say that I race against 90 percent of the competition that’s going to be there weekly or bi-weekly. It’s just going to be a bigger atmosphere to race in.”

WSTC - Andy Mattison

Name: Andy Mattison
Class: SECA Crate Sportsman
Hometown: Woodruff, SC
Age: 39
Home Track: Harris Speedway

For Andy Mattison racing is just another fun thing to do with his a family. His wife and two children enjoy going to the races as much as Mattison loves racing in them.

“Racing allows me to go and have fun with my family and people that I don’t see until we go to the race track,” said Mattison.

Mattison has raced at the Dirt Track at Charlotte once before in 2005 in a 4-cylinder car. He has been racing on-and-off for the past 21 years.

“I picked up racing from my dad. My dad was around it and in it and so was my brother,” said Mattison. “My dad was always working on it at home when we were younger.”

Mattison’s brother will also be racing at the OneDirt World Short Track Championship in the Monster Minis series.

All Crate Sportsman drivers:

Shannon Adams
Andrew Blackwood
Jesse Carson
Jacob Catoe
Corey Cestain
Damon Crump
Dustin Davis
Colton Dimsdale
Michell Duvall
Rickey Greene
Bryan Harrelson
Aaron Hemby
Pebo Johnson
Joseph Johnson, Jr.
William Knight
Kade Langley
Mark Leaford
Tyler Love
Andy Mattison
Calob McLaughlin
John Price
Jamie Reid
Trey Tarlton
Casey Towell
Cody Umberger
Ben Watkins
Ed Watkins
Brandon White
Josh Wilkerson

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