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New Tread Pattern, Compound Names, and Siping Rules Await DIRTcar UMP Competitors in 2017


New Tread Pattern, Compound Names, and Siping Rules Await DIRTcar UMP Competitors in 2017

CONCORD, N.C. – Dec. 7, 2016 – DIRTcar Racing, in conjunction with Hoosier Racing Tire, today announced that DIRTcar UMP Modified division drivers will have an improved tread pattern, renamed compounds, and less siping to do in the 2017 season.

After three years of field testing, DIRTcar and Hoosier officials are pleased to release redesigned versions of the current A40S and H40 compounded tires. The new M-30S and M-60 tire will become the only available tires for the DIRTcar UMP Modified division beginning at or near March 1, 2017. The new tires will feature the same construction and compounds as the existing tires, but will utilize an updated Chain Link tread pattern and more logical compound names. No grooving will be allowed on any tire, and siping of the new tires will only be legal with the M-60 tire.

“Throughout our testing, it has been everyone’s goal to provide our customers with fewer choices, less work, and a better overall product,” said Hoosier Racing Tire Product Manager Shanon Rush. “The new tread design, a more streamlined, logical naming system, and no siping of the softer tire should address many of the concerns the teams had voiced.”

As an additional benefit, because the construction and compounds of the tires will not change, DIRTcar UMP can now allow all existing A-40S and H-40 tires to be run out throughout the entire 2017 campaign.

“Hoosier provided us with several options, but in the end, we definitely wanted tires best suited for all of our sanctioned tracks, and to protect all of our customers who have existing inventory,” explained DIRTcar UMP Series Director Sam Driggers. “We believe these changes accomplish those goals.”

All 2017 DIRTcar UMP Winternationals events will be run under the existing A-40S and H-40 tire rules from 2016. The new M-30S and M-60 tires will be released at or near March 1, once all existing inventory is depleted.

Samples of the New M-30S and M-60 tires will be on display at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show on December 8-10 in both the DIRTcar UMP and Hoosier Racing Tire booths.

Catalog # Size Pattern T.W. Dia.  Circ.  Wheel Section Compounds
36180 26.5/8.0-15 SCL 8.0″ 26.5″ 83.0″ 8.0″ 11.2″ M-30S, M-60
36190 27.5/8.0-15 SCL 8.0″ 27.25″ 85.5″ 8.0″ 11.2″ M-30S, M-60

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