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DIRTcar Northeast Series

Pro Stock Series Competitor Notes – Super DIRT Week


Ladouceur - Papineau

Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Event #8 – October 5th through 10th, 2010 – New York State Fairgrounds – Syracuse, New York

DIRTcar, Track Staffing and Contacts:
Gary Spaid 585-734-5959
Bob Dini 917-939-5417
Tom Skibinski 585-350-8997
Denis Moquin (Interim Director) 613-978-3475
Brian Mulligan 613-330-1565
Joe Skotnicki 704-796-4566
Shane Andrews 315-725-3602

New York State Fairgrounds:
Cory Reed 315-834-6606
Jeff Hachmann 315-834-6606
Gary Risch, Jr. 724-816-4524

Event Schedule and General Daily Schedule:
Super DIRT Week XXXIX Events Schedule: Oct. 5-Oct. 10, 2010
New York State Fairgrounds – Syracuse, New York
*All times and events subject to change. Revised: 8/9/10

12:00 pm (noon) Ticket, Camping, and Pit Pass sales begin at entrance gate
12:00 pm (noon) “Early Bird” Tech Inspection Begins for all classes opens at gate 10 area

Wednesday-10/6 8:00 am Gates open for Campers and Haulers
9:00 am Inspection Begins for all classes (under main grandstand)
10:00 pm Pit Area Closed

8:00 am Pit Gates Open
8:00 am -10:00 am Inspection for all classes (under main grandstand)
10:00 pm Pit Area Closed

8:00 am Pit Gates Open, Sportsman Inspection Open
5:00 pm Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Practice
10:00 pm Pit Area Closed

8:00 am Pit Gates Open, Pro Stock Inspection Open
8:30 am Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Draw for Qualifying Position Opens – Location TBD
10:00 am Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series First Practice
11:15 am Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Second Practice
12:15 pm Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Time Series Trials (2-laps, Top-24 Qualify)

8:00 am Pit Gates Open
9:15 am MANDATORY Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Driver’s Meeting (in pit building)
10:00 am Grandstands Open, Track Open for Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Final Practice
10:45 am Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Last Chance Qualifier
12:00 pm (noon) SDW XXXIX ‘BNC’ Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship (25 laps)

Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Event Specific Rules (as per the 2010 DIRTcar Rule Book):

Rulebook: 2010 Super DIRTcar / DIRTcar Rule Book –

Tires; B.) Only Hoosier Racing Tires will be permitted in any DIRTcar sanctioned events. Hoosier (the tire manufacturer) will mark/stamp/brand all legal tires with specified compound and/or other specific DIRTcar designations as listed below;
Front or Rear Tires;
1.) “D50” 2.) “D60”
Tire Size and Compound Designation:
1.) 11/87-15 D50 or D60
2.) 11/90-15 D50 or D60

Fuel; Only ‘D’-type VP Racing Gasoline, the official fuel of DIRTcar will be permitted for competition. VP D-98 or a maximum octane will be the only specified fuel permitted at any sanctioned DIRTcar and/or Super DIRTcar Series event. In addition a maximum “94 octane, R+M/2” standard pump gasoline will be permitted. Blending of fuels or gasoline, including VP spec (including ‘D’) fuels of different octane will not be permitted. Alcohol, methanol, nitrous oxide, nitro-methane and/or propylene oxide will not be permitted. Fuel may be subject to inspection and testing at any time. Proof of purchase for the official fuel of DIRTcar may be required.

Series and Contingency Decals – Will be verified and must be present for payout of award. DIRTcar, Super DIRTcar, VP, Hoosier are mandatory. Other contingency decals are optional but payout is not guaranteed unless decal and product are present.

*** Payoff will be in the John Hill Media Center following the event or via U.S. Mail following the conclusion of the Event.

Super DIRT Week XXXIX Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Qualifying Procedures:
30 Car Field Maximum
All cars will draw a number from the track handicapper at 8:30am on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. These numbers will be used to establish the order of time trials.
The top 12 in overall Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship Standings and any driver’s that has won a Qualifying Race run prior to this event, who do not qualify through time trials will be awarded starting positions in the Super DIRT Week XXXIX BNC Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series ‘25’. Positions 13-through-15 in the overall Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship Point Standings will be awarded non-paid provisional starting positions provided they do not qualifying through time trials. These driver’s must attempt to qualify through time trials and/or the consolation event(s) in order to maintain their guaranteed status for the event. Any guaranteed or non-paid provisional starter that has not qualified for this race will be added to the back of the 30-car starting field. Each ‘Qualified’ Driver must possess a valid DIRTcar Membership. The eligible driver’s for the ‘Qualifying’ positions will be posted at the Super DIRTcar Series trailer.
Any DIRTcar Full Member Sanctioned Track, running a weekly DIRTcar legal Pro Stock program may secure a Non-Paid provisional starting position for their track champion. This spot may not be passed to any other driver. All Non-Paid starting positions
Time Trials – Any driver may only utilize one (1) car for time trials. The top twenty-four (24) starting positions (the first 12 rows) will be determined by time trials. Each driver will draw for time trial starting position.
The remaining six (6) positions will be taken from the Dig Safely NY Last Chance Qualifying race(s) on Sunday, October 10th, 2010. The Last Chance Qualifying Race(s) will be lined up based on the results of non-qualified cars from time trials. In the event that the Last Chance Qualifying Race is forced to be cancelled, the 30-car field will be established from the time trial results.
In the event of inclement weather preventing any and/or all qualifying attempts, guaranteed cars will be lined up based on the overall championship standings in the Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship Standings. Only pre-entered driver’s will be listed in this line-up.
The race will be based on the 100-point schedule.

Event Specific Rules / Race and Pit Procedures for the Super DIRT Week XXXIX BNC Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series ‘25’ (including Time Trials and the 25-lap Feature):
– Time trials will consist of two (2) consecutive green laps with the best recorded lap time being the time of record.
– The Super DIRT Week XXXIX BNC Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series ‘25’ will be a 25-lap / 25-mile race. Caution laps will not count. In the event of any adverse conditions and/or any unforeseen circumstances, caution laps may be counted and/or a time limit may be implemented.
– The original start will be side-by-side exiting turn four in the area of the VP Racing Fuels ‘Making Power Point’ (Blue VP Racing Fuel Barrels) until the green flag is displayed.
– All restarts will be single file exiting turn four in the area of the VP Racing Fuels ‘Making Power Point’ (Blue VP Racing Fuel Barrels).
– On the original start the front row and the leader on all restarts must maintain the pace established by the pace car and will be signaled to do so, on the one-way radio, if in the judgment of the Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Officials, the pace is not maintained a penalty and/or penalties may be issued.
– The leader is the control car on all starts and/or restarts.
– All restarts will be single-file with lead lap cars to the front – lapped cars will drop to the inside under caution and rejoin the field beginning after the last car on the lead lap in their order of running on the race track at the time of the caution.
– You may not lose a lap under the caution during this event.
– When the caution is displayed, get into single-file order, the line up will be signaled over the one-way radio.
– If at any time the red flag is displayed and competitors are signaled to stop due to a red flag condition, cars must come to a complete stop. After the field is stopped and is under control of the pace car, Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Officials, will instruct any vehicle not involved in the red flag incident that needs to pit for service, to pull up to the pace car prior to being released to the pit area on the one-way radio. Any car that pits during the red flag period will be required to restart at the tail of the field in their respective position. If any car heads to the pits without following the instructing over the one-way radio, a 1-lap penalty may be issued.
– The race may extend pass the advertised 30-lap distance and could end with a green-white-checker finish.
– One-way radios are mandatory.
– Cars breaking under green flag conditions may exit the race track at any pit entrance / exit. If leaving the track on the pit exit road on the backstretch, please use caution.
– When exiting the pits there will be a ‘Stop and Go’ official. If you exit pit road while being signaled to stop you may be issued a one (1) lap penalty.
– It is mandatory to have the following decals on the car (DIRTcar, Super DIRTcar Series, VP Racing Fuels and Hoosier) and the driver must have a VP patch on his uniform.
– To be eligible for other available contingencies you must run the decals. Included is a guided map for two available options to place decals on your vehicle.
– Immediately following the conclusion of the event, the first place car needs to go to the scale first, then we need second and third to the scales and to victory lane. Additional vehicles and/or competitors may be signaled to inspection over the one-way radio following the conclusion of the event.
– World Racing Group, Super DIRTcar and/or DIRTcar Officials reserve the right to alter the rules of this and/or any event, provided the competitors are given notice (in advance and/or over the one-way radio) due to any circumstance that require such a change or alteration.

Technical Inspection:
Be prepared for inspection at the New York State Fairgrounds when Technical Inspection begins on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 @ 12:00 pm (Noon):
Please Note that Inspection on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 will in the parking lot near Gate 10. On Wednesday, October 6th, 2010, Inspection will move underneath the main grandstand.
It is recommended that all racecars presented for pre-race inspection are empty of fuel for ease of fuel cell and system inspection.
Inspection to be prepared for:
Safety and General Inspection
Carburetor Inspection
General Body Inspection
Pre-Race Engine Inspection
Fuel Samples from Fuel Cell
Overall Inspection

Post Race Weights:
Pro Stock GM 602 Crate = 3,000 lbs
Pro Stock ‘Open Motor’ = 3,300 lbs

*** Note: There will be post-race inspection in the designated inspection area at the Series Trailer / Technical Truck following the completion of Victory Lane Ceremonies.

Super DIRT Week XXXIX BNC Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Starting Field:
1.) Time Trials 2.) Time Trials
3.) Time Trials 4.) Time Trials
5.) Time Trials 6.) Time Trials
7.) Time Trials 8.) Time Trials
9.) Time Trials 10.) Time Trials
11.) Time Trials 12.) Time Trials
13.) Time Trials 14.) Time Trials
15.) Time Trials 16.) Time Trials
17.) Time Trials 18.) Time Trials
19.) Time Trials 20.) Time Trials
21.) Time Trials 22.) Time Trials
23.) Time Trials 24.) Time Trials
25.) Last Chance Qualifier 1 26.) Last Chance Qualifier 2
27.) Last Chance Qualifier 3 28.) Last Chance Qualifier 4
29.) Last Chance Qualifier 5 30.) Last Chance Qualifier 6

Super DIRT Week XXXIX – BNC Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship Purse:
1 $2,000
2 1,000
3 700
4 500
5 400
6 300
7 275
8 250
9 225
10 200
11 190
12 180
13 170
14 160
15 150
16 150
17 150
18 150
19 150
20 150
21 150
22 150
23 150
24 150
25 150
26 150
27 150
28 150
29 150
30 150

SDW XXXIX BNC Mr. DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Championship
Special Awards
Pro Stock 25 Lap Winner $2,000.00
Pole Award $500.00
Outside Pole Award $250.00
Dig Safely New York Halfway Lap Leader $300.00
Rookie of the Race $250.00
Hard Charger $250.00
Gater Racing News Best Appearing Car/Crew Prize Package
NYSSCA Top Finishing NYSSCA Member $100.00

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