Body (See drawing diagram for reference – there may be dimensions referenced in the drawing diagram that are not referenced in the written rules and vice versa. All dimensions whether written and/or referenced in the drawing diagram dimensional are rule(s)).

A. All bodies must follow dimension(s) and the appearance as shown in diagram. The body shall be the fabricated modified body from approved vendors. The body must be symmetrical, including but not limited to doors, nose, sail panels, spoiler supports, etc.

B. The front windshield and rear window support must be stock appearing. The front window support(s) may have a clear Lexan support of no more than 16” inches including the roof post at the bottom and going straight to the roof. The support must be securely fastened in a positive manner.

C. The front roof post must be in a straight line from top to bottom.

D. The sides of the engine compartment must remain open. Any side panels in the engine compartment area will not be permitted. A five (5”) inch maximum drop of the hood on either side of the hood will be permitted and it must be enclosed at the rear of the hood. The firewall on the driver’s side must meet the front of the door. The firewall must be a minimum of 16”-inches in length from top-to-bottom.

E. The top of the doors must remain in line with the rear engine plate. The bottom of the doors may extend a maximum of eight (8”-inches) past the motor plate toward the front of the vehicle. Any material that exceeds 8”-inches forward of the engine plate will not be permitted.

F. Right panel from top of door to bottom of door may not be no more than 3 inches and must be mounted straight inside the bottom.

G. A maximum of one (1”-inch) flange on the outside edges (left and right side vertically) for the purpose of strengthening only will be permitted on the front nose only. Side fins and/or flanges of any kind along the length of the entire car (hood, front, and/or roof) will not be permitted.

H. A maximum of one (1) stone deflector, mounted only on the right side of the car, for rear mounted oil pumps, oil filters, and for the main oil tank will be permitted. The deflector may be made of steel, aluminum, or heavy gauge wire. The cover may only be mounted near the unit it and is designed to protect with a maximum size of eighteen (18”x18”) inches square and mounted only from the upper right frame rail to the lower right frame rail.

I. The minimum roof height is 42” inches with a maximum height of 52” inches.

J. The minimum deck height is 28” inches with a maximum height of 39” inches.

K. Deck height should measure within 1”-inch from side-to-side.

L. All cars must have a car number on both sides and the roof that are at least 18” inches in height and 14” inches in width.

M. The driver’s last name must be displayed under the car number in a legible font that is a minimum of eight (8”-inch) high letters.

N. A minimum of two (2”-inches) of tire clearance from the body is required.

O. The minimum ground clearance will be four (4”-inches).

P. The measurement from the center of the hub to the rear top of deck will be a minimum of 34” inches and a maximum of 48” inches.

Q. The maximum body width at the body’s widest part will be 72” inches. The minimum of width at the body’s narrowest part will be 53” inches. The top of the doors may have a maximum width of 67” inches. The bottom of the doors may have a maximum width of 68” inches. Q. On the left side, the rear of the door may flare out six (6”-inches) for tire clearance.

R. The bottom of the flare must be curved and rounded not pointed in any fashion.

S. The maximum rear width of car must be 67” inches at the widest point.

T. The maximum roof width will be 50” inches with a minimum of 44” inches.

U. The maximum roof length will be 56” inches with a minimum roof length of 41” inches.

V. The maximum height on rear roof post vertical is 3” inches.

W. The nose piece must not exceed 45”-inches in width, centered between the frame rails and must not extend past the leading edge of the front bumper. The nose piece must have a minimum of six (6”) inches from the ground to the bottom edge of the nose piece.

X. The MD3 D3 Modified Aero Valance is approved.

Y. Rear spoilers of any type, including but not limited to, shaping of panels, shaping of interior body panels, shaping and/or redirecting airflow with sail panels, etc., will not be permitted.