A. All windows must have a minimum 11”-inch vertical opening. The entire interior must have a minimum of 11”-inches of clearance from the interior deck to the roof and all sections of the roll cage. The interior deck sheet metal to the right side of the driver from the back of the seat forward should be fabricated on an angle from the driveshaft tunnel to the right-side window to promote ease of exit for the driver through the right side and or front window opening.

B. A master ignition switch within easy reach of the driver is mandatory. The switch must be clearly labeled “ON” and “OFF”.

C. Hydraulic and/or pneumatic weight jacks, trackers, or similar adjustable components of any type will not be permitted.

D. Mirrors of any type will not be permitted.

E. The drivers compartment must be sealed from the engine and the race track. The rear bubble of the hood should be closed and sealed from the driver.

F. Interior decks must be flat from side to side. Interior decks may have a up to a total of 6”-inches of “rake” from the most forward part of the deck to the most rearward part of the deck as described below. Interior deck from the rear of the seat forward may be flat or have up to 3”-inches of rake. The interior deck from the rear of the seat to the rear of the car cannot exceed 3”-inches of rake regardless of how much rake the front portion measures. The rake of the rear portion of the interior deck must be in a straight flat line from the rear of the seat to the rear of the car.

G. Any car in competition must have the right side door bars as part of the roll cage. Please reference 22.11.B in the roll cage section of the 2020 DIRTcar UMP Modified Rule Book.

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