A. All roofs must be full size. Half-moon roofs will not be permitted. The rear edge of the roof may not be mounted more than 12” (twelve inches) past the rear axle. The roof must be symmetrical.

B. Wings, roof spoilers or ground effects of any kind will not be permitted.

C. All flat type roofs will be allowed a maximum 3”-inch difference in height between the front of the roof and the rear of the roof. This measurement may be taken from the interior and/or the ground. The rear of the roof must maintain the same height from side to-side.

D. All curved type roofs will be allowed a maximum of 5”-inches in the front and 2”-inches in the rear. The break in the roof must be within 6”-inches from the center of the roof.

E. Wedge roofs will not be permitted.

F. Dished roofs will not be permitted. Roofs must be rounded side-to-side. Bead rolls will be permitted.

G. The rear roof post must begin where it meets the back edge of the roof. The rear roof supports may not extend past the front side of the rear upright of the roll cage.

H. The side vents on the front roof posts may extend rearward from the lowest point, a maximum of 16”-inches, then at a 90-degree angle to roof for one (1) configuration, side vents must meet the outside of the car.

I. The roof side (sail) panel window size must be 10”-inches x 15”-inches and must match drawing number – 2- side view. The roof side (sail) panels must be the same design, length (top and bottom) on both sides of the car. The roof side (sail panel will be allowed a 2 inch max. crown, when using a crown, the crown must be the same on both sides) When placing a straight edge vertically on the roof side (sail) panel it must touch the bottom of the panel (where it is fastened to the quarter panel), the top of the panel (where it fastens to the roof panel) and have no more than 2 inches of crown the entire surface between the (2) two mounting points The roof side (sail) panels must be symmetrical. The sail panel must be in the same location on both sides.

J. When using the long roof side (sail) panels, They must be mounted in the same way as described above.

K. If the long roof side (sail) panel is being used a 1”-inch radius will be permitted.

L. Any sun shield must be on hinge for easy exiting, taping will not be permitted. The window opening must remain at a minimum of 12”-inches.

M. All race cars in competition must meet the measurements illustrated in the DIRTcar drawing.

N. There are only 4 (four) approved roof supports to choose from.

O. The roof should be single thickness of material. The roll bar hoops must be exposed for inspection.

P. If the roof is curved then a level will be placed on the top of the car and if the roof is 5”-inches or less in the front and 2”-inches or less in the rear and the break is in the middle then the roof will be permitted.

Q. The roofs must be stock appearing. The roof must maintain the same height on both sides. If a DIRTcar and/or local track official determines the roof does not meet the requirements as stated above then a penalty as determined by the official may be determined prior to competition, additional weight and/or other penalties, unless the roof can be returned to within the parameter as stated above prior to competition in the event that the roof was inspected for.

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