A. Only factory production full 1965 or newer parallel American passenger car frames will be permitted. The frame must be complete in front of the firewall. Cutting of the frame in any way in front of the firewall will not be permitted.

B. The frame must remain unaltered and must meet the requirements of the attached drawing.

C. The right-side frame rail may not be altered or moved from the stock OEM location except the right-side frame rail may be raised behind the front clip a maximum of two (2) inches from the OEM location. Frame rails may be a maximum of six (6) inches from the ground to the bottom or the lowest edge of the left side frame rail and may be a maximum of eight (8) inches from the ground to the bottom of the lowest part of the right side frame rail.

D. The front cross member may be notched to allow clearance for the radiator only. The cross members must be plated to retain complete box configuration.

E. Jeep, Bronco, 4-wheel drive, front wheel drive or sports car frames will not be permitted.

F. The minimum wheelbase permitted will be 108” inches. The maximum wheelbase permitted will be 112” inches. No tolerance – measurements are as posted

G. Fiberglass lift bars and/or rear torsion bars will not be permitted.

H. Any frame may not be widened or narrowed and must be able to support the roll cage on both sides and must be full and complete on both sides.

I. The minimum frame and body height from ground is four (4) inches.

J. The front bumper must be mounted to the ends of the frame with the bottom loop parallel to the ground. K. A minimum of 1” diameter tubing and/or pipe is required to for towing of the vehicle.

L. The rear bumpers must be constructed of tubing and/or flat stock. All rear bumpers and/or tubing utilized in the fabrication of the rear bumper assembly must have an end cap. The rear bumpers must protect the fuel cell.

M. The bumper(s) (front and rear) when measured from their center(s) must have a minimum of 25” inches of ground clearance. There will be a two (2) inch tolerance, plus or minus regarding this dimension. The rear bumper and/or the nerf bars must not extend beyond the width of rear tires. All bumpers must have round edges. Sharp edges on any bumper and/or bumper surface will not be permitted.

N. The brace bars forward of the roll cage must not extend higher than stock hood height.

O. The rear push bars must not extend beyond six (6”) inches of the rear quarter panel(s).

P. All side bars and bumpers must be capped on ends.

Q. The maximum overall width of the car, front and/or rear, shall not exceed 78” inches when measured from the outside of the tire tread on both sides of the vehicle. A maximum of one (1”-inch) inch spacer between the hub and wheel will be permitted. Steel and/or aluminum spacers will be permitted, provided the overall tread width of the vehicle does not exceed 78”-inches.

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