As an option to the current DIRTcar, UMP Modified engine rules, an approved DC18 Chevrolet Performance CT525 Engine will be permitted for use in competition in all DIRTcar UMP Modified Events providing ALL the following requirements are strictly adhered to. An approved DC18 Chevrolet CT525 Engine is defined as follows:

A. Chevrolet Performance Engine, Part number GMP-19331563DC18 or GMP-19331563DC18K

B. The engine assembly MUST be obtained from the DIRTcar approved vendor.

C. Engine must have complete unaltered Chevrolet Performance engine seals installed at the time of manufacture assembly.

D. Engine must have complete unaltered secondary DIRTcar seals installed by the approved vendor prior to delivery of the engine.

E. Engine must have approved vendor seals and inventory numbers.

F. Ignition system must be controlled by an approved, pre-programmed MSD 6014CT control unit with the correct corresponding identification number for the engine being used.

G. All Engines, seals, and applicable components will be entered into a master database and must correspond to the engine being used.

H. The engine and engine components, engine seals, engine identification numbers and the likes must be used as received by the DIRTcar UMP approved vendor without modification, and/or alteration of any kind.

I. All DC18 engines must use gasoline or gasoline/ethanol blends. Methanol is not approved for use with the DC18 engine.

J. Approved Engine Vendor(s):

a. The DIRTcar UMP approved DC18 engine vendor for 2020 is:

Pace Performance (888) 748-4655
Don Blackshear
50 Karago, Boardman, OH 44512

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