The direction of the DIRTcar approved DC18 Chevrolet Performance Engine program is to maintain a cost-effective, affordable racing program. Any alteration made in an attempt to influence the integrity of this program will not be permitted. The judgment and determination of any such decision will be at the sole discretion of DIRTcar and/or World Racing Group Officials.

A. The engine and all components must remain in their original configuration and form as purchased and/or delivered from the DIRTcar approved vendor. Any alterations to the engine will not be permitted. The engine must remain as manufactured by Chevrolet.

B. All engines are to remain sealed from the factory. The original factory seals must remain unaltered. Tampering, removal, modifications of any type and/or broken factory seals will not be permitted.

C. The Chevrolet Performance Engine seals (bolt-type) must remain unaltered. DIRTcar and/or World Racing Group Officials require secondary sealing and verification of all seals on any Chevrolet Performance Engine by the DIRTcar approved vendor. Tampering with and/or alteration of any seals will not be permitted and is subject to immediate penalty and/or suspension.

D. The DIRTcar approved MSD 6014CT ignition control is pre-programmed to a specified timing curve and a maximum RPM limit. Routine testing of controllers will be performed by DIRTcar Technical Officials. Any attempt to reprogram controller whether successful or not is subject to immediate penalty. DIRTcar Officials reserve the right to randomly confiscate or exchange any competitor’s ignition controller.

E. Routine external maintenance (oil and filter changes, sparkplug replacement, belts, hoses, etc.) will be permitted.

F. Approved repair is permitted; however, the repairs must be initiated and completed by the DIRTcar approved vendor. Engine rebuilds are not permitted. DIRTcar must authorize DC18 Chevrolet Performance Engine repairs.

G. DC18 Chevrolet Performance Engine repair procedure works as follows:

a. Contact DIRTcar Technical Officials for authorized repair.

b. The DIRTcar Technical Officials will approve a repair and provide contact information to the competitor for the DIRTcar approved vendor to obtain an estimate of repair(s).

c. Based on the estimate and the detail of the repair, DIRTcar officials will determine if the repairs may be made or if a new engine must be purchased. Any repair estimates presented to the DIRTcar Officials that meet and/or exceed 80% of the actual price of a new engine, a new engine must be purchased. The engine that was damaged will no longer be eligible for competition

d. If a repair is approved, the DIRTcar approved vendor will inspect the engine and make the repair to ensure that the engine maintains the DC18 Chevrolet Performance Specifications. e. Upon completion of the repair(s) the engine will be ‘resealed’ before being released for competition.

H. DIRTcar and/or World Racing Group Supervisory Officials reserve the right to inspect, exchange and/or confiscate any DC18 Chevrolet Performance Engine at any time. Failure to surrender the engine and/or submit the engine for inspection will result in disqualification from the event and/or suspension.

I. The DC18 engine is NOT eligible for engine claims as described in section 22.1.1 Engine Claims.

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