A. Any qualified UMP Modified competitor has the right to claim any engine provided they follow the specifications as set forth by the rules herein. To begin the claim a $550.00 fee, plus the agreement to an engine exchange in addition to $50.00 for the tow truck operator. All claims do not include: flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, bell housing, headers, carburetor, starter, fan & pulleys, motor mount, sending units and switches for oil pressure and water temperature, carburetor adaptor, clutch ball, clutch arm, throw out bearings, dip stick, water pump, distributor, plug wires or fuel pump.

B. Any competitor who processes a claim must have taken the checkered flag in the feature race and have finished the feature race on the ‘lead lap’. The claim must be presented in cash or certified check to promoter or designated DIRTcar official within five (5) minutes after the completion of the feature race. The driver must have the claim payment and his/her DIRTcar current/valid membership and claim card available. A third party cannot provide these items to the claiming driver. (Yearly membership runs from January 1 through December 31.) All claims, positive or negative, must be reported immediately to DIRTcar headquarters by the event promoter and/or chief steward of the event. Drivers will only have the ability to make two (2) claims in any UMP Modified season. A driver can claim another driver’s engine only once during the year. Only the engine of the event winner can be claimed. In case of multiple claims on the same engine, the engine will go to a qualified driver who finished the furthest back in the field on the lead lap. Drivers may not claim an engine if he/she has spun out and caused a caution period. If a claim is refused, the claim is not held against the claiming driver. The claim rule is intended to maintain cost effectiveness and a level playing field in the UMP Modified division.

C. Any driver making a claim must drive his/her car immediately after the finish of the feature, under its own power, directly to the claiming area. Only drivers and officials will be permitted in the claim area. The claim area must be designated by the promoter to all drivers at the driver’s meeting prior to the feature event. The feature winner must go to the claim area immediately following the finish of the feature event. If no driver comes immediately to the claiming area, the winner may proceed as directed.

D. The claimed engine must be completely removed within one (1) hour from the time the claim is made.

E. The first sell/no sell or trade of the engine by the driver being claimed is considered binding.

F. Only a qualified driver may claim an engine and only the winning driver may agree to sell.

G. Any refusal to sell forfeits all cash, trophies and contingency winnings for the feature as well as all DIRTcar State and Nationals points’ award for that night. Any driver refusing to sell his/her engine the first time is fined $200.00 and is suspended for the next racing event at their home track and one (1) week from all DIRTcar sanctioned race tracks. The second infraction for a driver refusing to sell their engine is a $600.00 fine and a suspension from all DIRTcar sanctioned tracks for 30-days.

H. All claimed engines must be removed from the car at the track. The buyer must examine the engine before removal. Once removal has started, the sale is final. Any sabotage to claim an engine will result in the saboteur being suspended from all DIRTcar races for 30-days and until the fine of $1,000.00 is paid to DIRTcar.

I. To claim an engine, the claiming driver must have raced at least one-half of the sanctioned events at the sanctioned track where the claim is made or at a minimum the three (3) most recent consecutive feature events at that track. A driver can have his/her engine claimed at any time. No claim can be made against a driver on his/her first night at a sanctioned track.

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