A. All electronic and/or computerized wheel spin and/or acceleration retardation traction control devices will not be permitted. Controlled timing devices attached to or controlling accelerator or rotation of wheel will not be permitted. GPS and/or any other type of electronic tracking and/or locating device will not be permitted.

B. All traction control devices utilizing wheel sensors and/or any means of measuring ground speed to control wheel spin will not be permitted.

C. Adjustable ping control devices, dial a chip controls, timing controls or automated throttle controls will not be permitted in cockpit or driver accessible areas.

D.) Adjustable restrictor plates will not be permitted. D. Any remotely controlled components inside or outside the cockpit of any competitor’s race car will not be permitted.

E. Radios or devices for transmitting voice or data will not be permitted, either in the racecar or on anyone connected with the car.

F. The uses of pit boards or colored flashlights are prohibited

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