A. The axle housing must be of the “closed tube” design utilizing “full floating” magnetic steel hubs and axle shafts. “Live axle”-type rear ends will not be permitted.

B. Quick change rear ends will be permitted.

C. The center section of the axle housing must be manufactured of either aluminum or magnesium.

D. Axle tubes must be one (1) piece and manufactured of magnetic steel only. Axle tube internal inserts or external sleeves will not be permitted.

E. The axle tube must not exceed (3) three inches O.D. (outside diameter) at any point from center section to hub.

F. Rear differentials in all cars must be locked. Both rear wheels must always rotate in the same direction and never free wheel or turn at a different speed through the differential. Differentials may be locked by using a steel or aluminum spool, a steel or aluminum mini spool, or welding. Open, limited slip, traction sensitive, Detroit lockers or any other device that allows independent wheel rotation will not be permitted.

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