A. All cars must be equipped with a working braking system on all four wheels and all four wheels must be able to stop/brake at all times.

B. Front brakes must utilize a one piece O.E.M. or aftermarket O.E.M., magnetic steel hub and vented rotor assembly. Rear brakes must utilize magnetic steel vented rotors. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and solid disc rotors will not be permitted. Drilling, lightening and/or any alteration to the brake rotors or calipers will not be permitted. Brake rotors of excessive size or weight when compared to an O.E.M. brake rotor will not be permitted.

C. Only stock O.E.M. and/or DIRTcar approved aftermarket calipers will be permitted. The following calipers have been approved for competition:

a. Wilwood: Part # 120-7197

b. Wilwood: Part # 120-13900

c. Wilwood: Part # 120-13899

d. AFCO: Part # 663031

e. AFCO: Part # 6630310.

D. Front calipers must mount solid to the front spindle. Rear calipers may be a solid mount type or a floating type design. Both solid and floating type rear caliper mounts must be mounted to the rear axle housing. When using a floating rear brake caliper, it must be completely separate from the rear axle housing (birdcage) mount. The floating rear caliper mount must pivot independently and be supported by one radius rod to the frame only.

E. Brake proportioning (bias) valves and a right front shut off valve are permitted.

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