A. Only magnetic steel body, mono tube shocks with approved external adjustments will be permitted. Approved external adjustments are adjustments that can only be made with the shock absorber removed from the car. Remote adjusters of any type will not be permitted. Shocks must be conventional oil emulsion design. Shocks may be gas pressurized providing gas reservoir is an integral component of the shock body. Gas must be separated from the oil by a divider piston with a positive stop. The external portion of the shock shaft must remain exposed at all times. The lower shock “bearing” inside diameter and the shock shaft must not exceed 5/8″ in diameter. Pneumatic (AIR) shocks, remote adjustable shocks, and remote gas reservoirs will not be permitted.

B. Coils over shocks of any type on the front of the car will not be permitted.

C. Only one shock per wheel will be permitted. Lay down shocks less than 12” (twelve inches) away from brake rotor will not be permitted.

D. The shock absorber claim will be $350.00 per shock absorber. (No exchanges.)

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