A. An O.E.M. steering system applicable to the O.E.M. frame assembly must be used. The steering system must consist of 1 (one) reciprocating steering gear assembly, 1 (one) pitman arm, 1 (one) idler arm, 1 (one) center steering link (drag link), 2 (two) inner tie rod ends or spherical rod ends, 2 (two) adjusting sleeves, and 2 (two) outer tie rod ends or spherical rod ends. Additional components, braces, rods, etc. will not be permitted.

B. O.E.M. or exact fit aftermarket replacement center steering (drag) link, pitman arm, idler arm available at auto part replacement venues will be permitted. Aftermarket components must match O.E.M. for all specifications, dimensions and design. Only single point round tapered mounting holes and O.E.M. tapered ball studs will be permitted. **

C. Fabricated center (drag) links, braces, etc. will no longer be permitted.

D. Steel spherical rod ends (heim joints) and fabricated magnetic steel tie rod adjusting sleeves will be permitted. 5/8″or larger spherical rod ends and fasteners must be used. The inner rod end must connect to the center steering link using a stud that is tapered to fit the center steering link on one end with a straight 5/8″stud on the opposite end, or the center steering link may be drilled to accept a 5/8″ bolt. The outer rod end may use a 5/8″ grade 8 bolt with a bump steer spacer to connect to the steering arm. The O.E.M. steering arm may be drilled to accept a 5/8″ bolt. Tie rod adjusting sleeves must be magnetic steel tubing.

E. The steering shaft and interior mountings may be fabricated. The steering wheel must remain on the left side of the vehicle. The steering shaft must have at least 1 (one) universal type joint to allow shaft to “fold” under impact.

F. All steering wheels must connect to the steering shaft with an approved quick release coupler. SFI certified steering wheel couplers are highly recommended.

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