A. The drive shaft must be made from magnetic steel or approved carbon fiber. Aluminum or fiberglass driveshafts will not be permitted. The driveshaft must be painted white with the car number clearly labeled on the drive shaft.

B. A 1/2”-inch x 2”-inch 18-gauge steel drive shaft hoop is mandatory. The drive shaft hoop must be at least six (6”) inches behind the universal-joint. Two hoops are strongly recommended. A single 1/8”-inch plate on the right side of the drive shaft tunnel is recommended.

C. All competitors are encouraged to perform systematic checks on their drive-train.

D. Direct drives and/or any type devices will not be permitted.

E. The transmission must be bolted to the engine. All cars must have working forward and reverse gears and be able to shift to forward or reverse with engine running. BERT-type transmissions will be permitted.

F. Clutch-type transmissions must be equipped with explosion-proof steel bell housing. In lieu of an explosion-proof bell housing or if one is not available for your engine, a shield of at least 1/2” inch x 6”-inches covering the clutch area 360 degrees securely fastened in place and fabricated from magnetic steel will be permitted.

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