A. Engine

a.  The Chevrolet Performance Parts 602 crate engine (GM Part Number – 88958602) or the Chevrolet Performance Parts 604 crate engine (GM Part Number – 88958604) will be the only two engines permitted for competition.  All engines are to remain sealed from the factory.  The original factory seals must remain unaltered.  Tampering, removal, and/or modifications of any type and/or broken factory seals will not be permitted.  (The Chevrolet Performance Parts 602 and/or 604 crate engine may have part number changes from time to time as issued by the manufacturer.
b.  All engines and all components must remain in their original configuration and form as purchased and/or delivered from the factory.  Any changes will result in disqualification from the event.  Any alterations to the engine will not be permitted.
c.  Any part that is sealed from the factory that has been tampered with and/or removed will result in an immediate penalty.  The minimum penalty will be a $1,000 fine, loss of accumulated points for the year, and a loss of all earned purse money for the event night.
d.  Any issued penalty may include and will not be limited to a suspension of the car, driver, owner, and/or engine builder from participation in any World Racing Group event.
e.  Any participant (driver, car owner, and/or engine builder) that is found to have tampered with the engine will lose all points accumulated for the season, all earnings, and the parts will be impounded for competitive analysis.  In addition, the participant may be suspended indefinitely from all World Racing Group events.
f.  Changes and/or alterations to the engine, intake manifold, cylinder heads, valve covers, valve components, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer, and/or any parts on or in the engine will not be permitted.
g.  The maximum RPM with a dial or chip will be 6600.  The dial or chip must be out of the reach of the driver.

B. Engine Inspection and/or Engine Exchange

a.  World Racing Group and/or DIRTcar Racing officials reserve the right to exchange or impound any engine at any time for competitive analysis and/or inspection.  Failure to allow the engine to be retained for the impound procedure will result in disqualification from the event and possibly additional penalties.
b. The engine that has been impounded and/or exchanged will retain all components as the engine was received from the factory or on the factory sale list.

C. Crate Engine DIstributor and Ignition

a.  Magnetos will not be permitted.
b. Electronic ignition will be permitted.
c. MSD-type ignition amplifier boxes will be permitted.  The MSD 6ALN ignition box is recommended.
d.  The following ignition boxes will not be permitted for use:

i. MSD Red 6 Box – Part Number: 6530
ii. MSD Black Box – Part Number: 65303
iii. MSD Gold 7 Box – Part Number: 7531
iv. Fast Ignition – Part Number: 307222

e. World Racing Group and/or DIRTcar Racing officials retain the right to change MSD boxes with any car at any time without notice.

D. Carburetor and Carburetor Spacer

a.  Any maximum 750 CFM carburetor will be permitted.  The carburetor must have a maximum of one (1) 11/16″-inch base plate.
b.  A maximum 1″-inch spacer measured between the bottom of the base plate and the top of the intake manifold, including gaskets will be permitted.  The spacer must remain 1″-inch across the entire plain of the spacer.
c.  The spacer must not extend into the intake manifold.
d.  One gasket will be permitted from the carburetor to the spacer.  One gasket will be permitted from the bottom of the spacer to the top of the intake manifold.
e.  Gaskets must be standard for application.  Gaskets that exceed a standard OEM thickness for a carburetor/spacer-type application will not be permitted.
f.  The use of two (2) throttle return springs is recommended.
g.  An approved carburetor roll-over plate that prevents fuel spillage in case of a rollover is highly recommended.

i. Carburetors with plate(s) will be mandated at a future date to be announced.
ii.  Currently approved rollover plate approved as followed:

Willy’s Carb & Dyno Shop, LLC – Part Number WCD4000SB

Willy’s Carb & Dyno Shop, LLC – Part Number WCD4002

E. Wet Sump Oiling System

a. Only the standard GM Wet Sump Oil Pump will be permitted.  External oil pumps of any size or stage, even if considered a wet-sump single stage-type will not be permitted.
b.  One (1) remote type oil filter and external oil lines that transfer oil through the filter only will be permitted.
c.  One (1) oil cooler will be permitted.