A. Transmission

a. A functional clutch must be used.  Direct drives systems of any type will not be permitted.
b. The transmission must be bolted to the engine and it must have forward and working reverse gear(s) and must be able to shift to forward or reverse with the engine running.
c. Only two-speed transmissions with a working reverse low gear and high gear will be allowed.  High gear is 1 to 1.
d. No overdrive or underdrive multiple speed transmissions will be permitted.  

B. Driveshaft

a. The driveshaft must be a minimum of 2”-inches in diameter. All drive shafts must be painted white.
b. Only one (1) driveshaft connected from the transmission to the center section of the rear end will be permitted.
c. A minimum of one (1) driveshaft hoop/sling must be fastened securely to the frame. It is recommended that two (2) driveshaft hoops/slings be used.

C. Rear End

a. Any type of rear-end differential/center section will be permitted.
b. Live axle-type rear ends will not be permitted.
c. Independent rear suspensions will not be permitted.
d. Floater type, wide five hub assemblies will be the only hub assemblies permitted.  
e. The axle housing must be of the “closed-tube” design utilizing “full-floating” magnetic steel axle tubes.
f. The center section of the axle housing must be manufactured of either aluminum or magnesium.
g. Axle tubes must be one (1) piece.  Axle tubes must be manufactured of aluminum or magnetic mild steel.  Axle tubes manufactured of exotic, heavy materials will not be permitted. The outside diameter of the axle tubes must not exceed three (3) inches.  Axle tube internal inserts or external sleeves will not be permitted.  The addition of any ballast weight to the axle housing will not be permitted.