World of Outlaws Late Model Series Points Breakdown

Place Points Place Points
1st 150 14th 122
2nd 146 15th 120
3rd 144 16th 118
4th 142 17th 116
5th 140 18th 114
6th 138 19th 112
7th 136 20th 110
8th 134 21st 108
9th 132 22nd 106
10th 130 23rd 104
11th 128 24th 102
12th 126 25th 102
13th 124 26th + 102

A. 90 (show-up) points will be awarded to all members in good standing, who attempt to qualify a car, but fails to qualify for the feature event.
B. If a race is cancelled and rescheduled and a member in good standing is unable to return due to extenuating circumstances, then that member may be awarded show-up points if they were present and prepared to race on the original date.
C. Points will be awarded special events, as agreed with members in good standing, utilizing show-up points only.
D. In the event of a tie that occurs during the season, the driver that placed highest in the most recently completed event will be listed ahead in the overall Championship Point Standings.  The order is created by wins, top 5s, top 10s, last completed event.
E. In the event that a tie should occur in the final Championship Point Standings at the end of the season, the tie will be broken using the following tiebreakers in order; Most feature wins, most second place finishes, most third place finishes, etc. until the tie is broken. In the event that the tie remains unbroken by finishes the tiebreaker will result to qualifying results in the same manner.

DIRTcar Late Model Points Breakdown

Place Points Place Points
1st 75 14th 37
2nd 70 15th 36
3rd 65 16th 35
4th 60 17th 34
5th 55 18th 33
6th 50 19th 32
7th 48 20th 31
8th 46 21st 30
9th 44 22nd 29
10th 42 23rd 28
11th 40 24th 27
12th 39 25th 26
13th 38    

(Points drop by one (1) point for positions twenty-six (26) to forty (40) if more than twenty-five (25) starters are approved)

A. Drivers not in an A-Main Feature, where a B-Feature is run, will receive finish points starting with the first non-transfer.  Points will drop one (1) point per position to a minimum of ten (10) points.  Any driver participating in the event will receive a minimum of ten (10) finish points.  
B. Drivers not in an A-Main Feature will receive 10 finish points.
C. The 2022 point season will begin on January 1, 2022.
D. Only a driver’s highest finish points race will be counted each week for events from January 1, 2022, to March 31, 2022.  
E. All races will count towards accumulated points starting April 1, 2022 going through September 25, 2022.
F. The 2022 point season will conclude following all events originally scheduled on or before October 1, 2022.  The exception is an A-Feature that is postponed due to weather, which must be completed within fourteen (14) days from the original race date, but may not be held during or after the National Championship event(s).
G. Western region(s) or state points may continue past October 1, 2022, but only for regional/state points and events must be completed by November 12, 2022, and points will include championship events.
H. For any event to award points, a sanction agreement must be in place.  Added events must be approved ten (10) days prior to the event.
I. Drivers may not participate in multiple top divisions (i.e. Late Models and Pro Late Models) without approval.


Bonus Points

A. Bonus points of one (1) point for every car over twenty-five (25) entered in the event will be awarded at each race.  The maximum bonus points awarded is five (5) points per race. 

Event Points

A. Event points are described as the combined total of finish points and bonus points for a given race.
B. All races must have ten (10) or more cars entered in order to receive full points.  If a race has nine (9) or fewer cars, their points will be reduced by ten percent (10%) for each car missing.
C. Tracks may be allowed to run more than one (1) feature event per night for any division.  Each feature must pay at least the same purse as a weekly show and each feature will be required to pay an additional sanction fee.  “Double” features must be approved in advance.

Replacement Races

A. A driver may begin replacing event points after the driver has completed the minimum number of races.
B. Replacement races start with a driver’s lowest event points race.
C. A driver will never lose points with a replacement
D. Minimum number of races before event points may be replaced:

Class Number of Races Class Number of Races
DIRTcar Late Model 35 races DIRTcar Pro Modified 20 races
DIRTcar UMP Modified 30 races DIRTcar Stock Car 20 races
DIRTcar Pro Late Model 20 races DIRTcar Factory Stock 20 races
DIRTcar Sportsman 20 races DIRTcar Sport Compact 20 races

Distribution of Point Funds

A. DIRTcar Racing will distribute the driver’s point fun to each eligible member driver according to the posted awards.  Driver’s must be a valid, current year member to be eligible. 
B. All ties will be broken using the greatest number of 1st place finishes during the season.  In the event a tie still exists, the number of 2nd, 3rd, etc. place finishes will be used in the same manner until the tie is broken.  
C. Eligibility to participate in the point fund may be forfeited by any member in violation of the posted DIRTcar rules.