A. Overall Appearance

a. The car must be neat in appearance and must display the car number on the front nose and the rear fuel cell. The minimum height for the number will be 6”-inches.
b. The car must have legible numbers on each side and on the roof a minimum of 18”-inches high.

B. General Body

a. The nosepiece must match the body style of the make and manufacturer of the car and be the same as the make and manufacturer of the motor (GM, Ford, Mopar).
b. All cars must have a minimum half-inch (1/2”) and a maximum of one (1) -inch radius at the top of fenders, doors and quarter panels. Sharp edge(s) will not be permitted.
c. The floorboards and firewall must completely cover the driver’s area with no openings.
d. Fins and/or lips of any-type will not be permitted anywhere along the entire length of the car.
e. The bodyline must be a smooth even line from front to rear.
f. Wedge shape cars and/or body styles will not be permitted.
g. “Belly pans” or any type of enclosure on the bottom of the car will not be permitted. A skid plate to protect the oil pan is permitted. A maximum 1/8” skid plate will be permitted.
h. Wings and/or tunnels and/or any type of air deflection device will not be permitted underneath the body and/or chassis of the car.
i. A maximum of one (1) stone deflector, for rear mounted oil pumps, oil filters, and for the main oil tank will be permitted. The deflector may be made of steel, aluminum, or heavy gauge wire. The cover may only be mounted near the unit it is designed to protect with a maximum size of 18” x18” and only mounted from the upper right frame rail to the lower right frame rail.
j. Panels of any type under the rear deck running from the front to the rear of the car will not be permitted.
k. Bodies that are non-approved will be assessed a weight penalty.  The minimum weight penalty will be as follows; 25 lbs.per inch of the infraction.
l. Any style air cleaner scoop used must be positioned in front of/or around the air cleaner and must not exceed 1”-inch in height above any part of the air cleaner. Any type of flange and/or air deflection device and/or fin that is designed to direct airflow will not be permitted.
m. The top edge, measured from the ground, of the rear quarter, door and front fender to the point where the fender flare attaches must be a straight line, within one inch on both sides of the car.

C. Nosepiece

a. Only approved nosepieces will be permitted. A list of approved manufacturers and part numbers for competition in World of Outlaw Late Model and DIRTcar UMP competition follows:

i. Dominator
ii. MD3 – Performance Bodies
iii. ARP Air Speed nose
iv. Five-Star MD3 type
v. Performance Bodies/Five Star MD3 2015
vi. Performance Bodies / Five Star 2016 Evolution
vii. Performance Bodies / Five Star 2019 Evolution 2

b. Approved nose assemblies must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. All nose assemblies must meet the maximum/minimum dimensions, shall maintain manufacture appearance and not be altered.
c. Front nose assemblies, not meeting the maximum/minimum dimensions, at the series discretion, may be permitted to compete as a “non-conforming” nose with a minimum of 50 additional pounds mounted in front of the motor plate.  At series discretion, degree on non-compliance may require additional weight and/or placement of penalty weight in front of radiator.
d. All nosepieces must be made of molded type material.
e. Nose filler panel shall be flat across to entire surface, dishing or raising prohibited
f. Two-piece noses must be positively fastened together in the center. Spacers added to gain width will not be permitted.
g. The nosepiece must be mounted in a manner that does not alter its original shape.
h. Alteration and/or additions may not be made to this area other than cooling holes as follows.  A maximum of three two-inch holes may be drilled into the nose for the sole purpose of airflow for engine cooling purposes.  No ducts of any type will be allowed.
i. The nosepiece can extend a maximum of fifty-three inches (53”) from the center of the front hub to the farthest point extending forward.
j. The nosepiece must display a headlight decal package. A one-race grace period, running contrasting color tape in the shape of a headlight will be permitted.
k. Right Side Nose Height Rule – The maximum height from the ground to the top of the nose splitter shall be 15 inches.
l. Front nose must be mounted in the center of the car.

D. Roof

a. The roof length from front-to-back must be a minimum of 44”-inches with a maximum of 54” inches.
b. The roof width from side-to-side must be a minimum of 48”-inches to a maximum of 52”-inches.
c. The roof must be stock appearing and be mounted level to the body.
d. The minimum height of the roof will be 45”-inches with a maximum height of 48”-inches.
e. The roof must be mounted parallel to the body and near the center of the car as viewed from the front of the car.
f. A maximum 1-1/2” roll, turned downward will be permitted along the front edge of the roof. A maximum 1”-inch roll, turned downward, will be permitted along the rear edge of the roof. These modifications will be permitted to improve the strength of the roof. Any other modifications to the roof will not be permitted.
g. Flat and/or odd shaped roofs will not be permitted. Bellied and hollowed roofs will not be permitted.
h. Sun/anti glare shields may not be used.
i. A maximum of two (2) roof edge bead rolls of a maximum height of ½”-inch the length of the roof will be permitted.
j. The roof posts and spoiler support(s) must not overlap.
k. The maximum thickness of the roof at any point will be ½”-inch.
l. The roll cage and associated frame members above the interior panels (decking) must remain open. Enclosures will not be permitted.

E. Roof Supports and Window Side Panels

a. All roof side panels must extend to the edge of the body.
b. The roof side panel window size must be a minimum of 10”-inches x 15”-inches and must match the drawing number -2- side view. A maximum crown of two (2) inches will be permitted, measured from the center of a common tangent point on either side of the crown.
c. The left and right-side window panels must match.
d. A maximum bow of two (2”)-inches outward on the window side panels as viewed from behind will be permitted.
e. The front roof supports must extend forward to the rear of the hood.  The front roof supports may be a maximum of 4”-inches wide.  The left and right front roof supports must match.

F. Front Fenders, Fender Flares and Hood

a. The hood must be level and flat from the left to the right side of the car.
b. The front fenders can be a maximum of 2 inches from left to right.
c. The outside edges of the hood and/or the fender must remain inside the overall bodyline.
d. The front fender may be a maximum of 37”-inches in height, measured vertically from the ground to the top of the fender behind the front tires and at the right front fender and door “T-bar” location.
e. The front fender flares must be made of plastic and must not alter the original shape of the nose piece.
f. The front fender flares must not extend beyond the front tires more than 1”-inch per side to a maximum width, edge-to-edge, of 90”-inches in width with the wheels pointed straight.
g. The front fender flares must be flat across the entire width of the car. Front fender flairs must not extend, bubble or rise more than four inches (4”) at any point of the front fenders and/or hood.
h. The front fender flares must have collapsible supports.
i. All cars must have FULL FENDER TOPS.

G. Doors

a. The door-to-door measurement must not exceed 76”-inches in width at the top of the doors.
b. The door-to-door measurement must not exceed 90”-inches in width when measured at the bottom of the doors in the center of the car.
c. The doors must not exceed 37”-inches in height when measured from the ground to the top of the door. The measurement from the rear of the top deck to the highest point of the right front fender must be a straight line that must be within 1 inch when a straight edge or string is installed on the racecar the entire surface of the body must be within 1 inch of the plane.
d. The door sides may not break inward from the top 76”-inches and bottom 90”-inch measurements. Hollow and/or belled doors will not be permitted.
e. The minimum ground clearance will be 3”-inches.

H. Quarter Panels

a. The maximum distance from the center of the rear hub to the top quarter of the panel is 54”-inches.
b. The quarter panels must not exceed 76”-inches in width at any point as measured at the top of the panels.
c. The rear deck must taper in a symmetrical manner from the center of the rear hub to the rear spoiler with a minimum width of 72”-inches and a maximum width of 76”-inches.
d. The maximum width for the quarter panels measured from outside-to-outside measured 19”-inches from the ground and/or at the bottom of the quarter panel will be 82”-inches.
e. Any breaks and/or bends formed in the sides of the quarter panel that move the panel toward the center of the car will not be permitted. Hollow and/or bellied panels will not be permitted.
f. The maximum distance from the center of the rear hub to the rear trailing edge of the quarter panel will be 49”-inches.
g. A minimum of 2”-inches of tire clearance between the tire and the body will be required.
h. Skirting that extends behind the rear quarter panel will not be permitted.
i. Left rear quarter panels must extend downward from the deck a minimum of 33”-inches and maximum of 36”-inches including plastic when measured at the front and rear of quarter panel.  Right rear quarter panel must extend downward from the deck 27”-inches without plastic or 31”-inches with plastic when measured front to rear.
j. Deck height will be measured at the nose piece splitter at a max height of 15”-inches from the ground to the top.  Deck height will be measured at 39”-inches from top of rear deck to the ground.

I. Spoilers, Spoiler Braces and Spoiler Supports

a. Only aluminum and/or Lexan and/or Lexan-type rear spoilers will be permitted.
b. The maximum overall height of the rear spoiler will be 8”-inches. The maximum width of the rear spoiler, including braces and/or supports is 72”-inches.
c. The rear spoiler must begin at the deck and extend 8-1/4”-inches from that point.  Mounting hardware, hinges, etc. will be included in the 8-1/4” inch measurement. Suspending the spoiler to create a wing-type device will not be permitted.
d. The rear spoiler must begin at the rear most point of the quarter panels.
e. Only three spoiler braces/supports will be permitted. The front edge of the spoiler brace/support must be in line with the spoiler.
f. The outside spoiler supports must not be mounted any wider than the top of the quarter panel(s) and must be centered on the rear deck.
g. In the event that aluminum angle is used to brace the upper edge of the spoiler, the angle must not add to the height and/or length of the spoiler in any way.

J. Interior

a. The interior of the cockpit must be a minimum of 11”-inches below the top of the roof and/or roll cage, measured perpendicular to the ground from the bottom of the roof to the cockpit deck. Roof rolls are not part of the measurement.
b. The side window opening(s) must be 15”-inches from the top of the door to the bottom of the roof.
c. Support bars that block the right window from the driver exiting the cockpit will not be permitted.
d. A rock guard (Lexan screen) can be no higher than 4 inches and no farther back than the front edge of the right-side head rest.
e. If the interior deck drops, the drop must begin at the rear of the engine plate with a maximum of 4 inches and must not drop below 4 inches at the rear of the hood. The start of the dropped interior must remain closed as a part of the fire wall. The entire width must be closed off with sheet metal.
f. The interior must gradually taper up to the quarter panel height and must be level for a minimum of 20 inches from the rear of the quarter panel and deck.

K. Driver Compartment

a. A full metal firewall fabricated from magnetic steel and/or aluminum must encompass the driver’s compartment from front-to-rear, on both sides and floor boards.
b. All cars must be equipped with a quick-release type steering wheel that is a full circle.
c. Mirrors of any-type will not be permitted.
d. Radios and/or electronic and/or data communication devices will not be permitted.
e. Any edge and/or sheet metal end in and around the driver compartment must be protected with trim and/or beading and rounded. Sharp and protruding edges will not be permitted.
f. A substantial rock guard with a minimum of three (3) additional roll bars must be mounted in front of the driver. The rock guard must be made from wire screen. Windshield screens must be a minimum of .090-inches and must be securely fastened.
g. Cockpit adjustable components with the exception of brake bias adjusters will not be permitted. Adjusters of any-type, including but not limited to adjustable shocks, hydraulic or pneumatic weight jacks, trackers, ignition boxes or similar adjustable components will not be permitted inside the cockpit of the car or within reach of the seated driver.

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