A. Only conventional type V-8 engines with the cam in the block will be permitted.  Cubic inch displacement is optional.
B. All engines must be based on a manufactured, factory design.
C. Aluminum or steel blocks will be permitted.
D. All engines must be normally aspirated with a single conventional-type four (4) barrel carburetor.
E. The engine must have an operating self-starting mechanism.
F. Only one distributor or magneto will be permitted. Cylinder designated individual coil systems will not be permitted.
G. A maximum of 25 ½”-inches from the center of the ball joint to the front of the motor plate/engine bell housing flange will be permitted.
H. Only two (2) valves and one (1) spark plug will be permitted per cylinder.
I. In the event that there are new engine components and/or a new engine configuration they must be submitted per the World Racing Group submission requests prior to being introduced into competition.
J. An approved carburetor roll-over plate that prevents fuel spillage in case of a roll over is highly recommended.

a. Carburetors with plate(s) will be mandated at a future date to be announced.
b. Currently approved roll over plate approved as followed

i. Willy’s Carb & Dyno shop LLC. Part # WCD4000SB
ii. Willy’s Carb & Dyno shop LLC. Part # WCD4002