A. All cars must have fuel cells that meet and/or exceed FIA/FT3 or SFI 28.3 specifications. The fuel cell must have a maximum capacity of 35 gallons.
B. The fuel cell must be enclosed completely in a container that is a minimum thickness of 20-gauge magnetic steel and/or .060”-inch aluminum.
C. Fuel cell cap must be a threaded cap and/or ATL Part # TF751 1/4 Turn Bullet Cap, Schultz Racing Fuel Cell part #SFP-300 1/4 turn cap.
D. The entire container must be visible for ease of inspection.
E. The fuel cell must be mounted behind the rear axle between the rear tires, a minimum of 4”-inches ahead of the rear bumper. The bottom of the fuel cell must not be any lower than the bottom of the rear end/quick-change housing.
F. The fuel cell must be mounted with a minimum of two (2) .125”-inch thick steel straps. The straps must cover the entire cell. Fuel cells that are mounted in a square tubing frame will be permitted. A minimum of seven (7) 6”-inch ASTM Grade 8 bolts must be used to mount the fuel cell to the frame.
G. The fuel pick-ups must be positioned on the top of the fuel cell and be constructed of steel. The fuel pickup must have a check valve. Pick-ups on vertical sides are prohibited.
H. Only racing gasoline or alcohol will be permitted for competition. Nitrous oxide, nitro-methane, and/or propylene oxide will not be permitted.
I. Competitors must be prepared to drain fuel from the fuel cell for inspection.
J. Mechanical fuel pumps must be used.  Fuel pumps must be engine mounted.  Fuel pumps may be camshaft actuated or belt-driven.  Electric pumps, primary and/or secondary, pressure systems, and additional reservoirs will not be permitted.