A. Becoming effective in 2021, the following ignition boxes will not be permitted for use

a. MSD 6530
b. MSD 65303
c. MSD Digital Programmable 6AL-2
d. Fast Ignition 307222

B. Any device that changes or has the ability to change the ignition advance is not permitted.
C. All electronic and/or computerized wheel spin and/or ignition retardation and/or acceleration limiting and/or traction control devices of any type will not be permitted.
D. Adjustable ping control devices, dial a chip controls, timing controls and/or automated throttle controls will not be permitted.
E. Adjustable restrictor plates will not be permitted.
F. Remote control components of any-type will not be permitted.
G. Radios and/or devices for transmitting voice and/or data will not be permitted.
H. Data acquisition systems will not be permitted.

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