A. Cars will not be permitted to make a qualifying attempt without passing technical inspection. All cars must be available for inspection prior to the time of the driver’s meeting. Following the driver’s meeting, covers of any type on the racecar will not be permitted.
B. All cars may be subject to technical inspection at any time.
C. Full or partial car covers will be permitted only when there is inclement weather.
D. It is recommended that all teams have a fire extinguisher in the rear of their transporter. The fire extinguisher is recommended to be a minimum of 2.5 gallons FFF type chemical and/or equivalent.
E. All drivers are required to have a one-way radio. The one-way radio must be working and active prior to any ‘on-track’ activity. Two-way radios, crew-member to the driver, and/or any other means of electronic communication, other than the one-way radio, will not be permitted.
F. Seven (7) days prior to any scheduled and/or sanctioned one (1) day World of Outlaws Late Model Series Series event paying less than $20,000-to-win race teams will not be permitted to rent, test, and or attend any practice session(s) at the scheduled track. Any race team and/or driver in violation will be given one (1) lap of qualifying and the best qualifying position that will be earned is 50% + 1 of the entered cars for that event.
G. No cameras and/or video recorders and/or photographic recording equipment may be mounted below the deck.