A. All participants will be required to display decals as provided on the decal verification sheet prior to entering into competition. If any required decal is not displayed loss of any awarded money will be the penalty.
B. The World of Outlaws Late Model Series decal (minimum of 60 square inches) and Contingency decals (minimum of 28 square inches) shall be visible and are required on both sides of the car for all cars participating in the event in order to receive cash awards or product awards, no exceptions.  Series decal location is at the base of the front a-post on the door panel (front fender above the wheel well).  Contingency decals will be located on the lower 3rd of the door panels above the skirt (12 inches above the skirt).  Overflow location being the rear quarter panel lower third.  (see graphic below).  If incorporated into wraps, no alteration or size adjustments may be made to the decals or logos.  Minimum size requirements must be met.  Mandatory series logo placement on all full-time LMS teams, driver websites, and social channels. 
C. The World of Outlaws Late Model Series logo must be placed as high as possible on either the right or left front of the upper chest area of the driver’s uniform. The World of Outlaws Morton Buildings brand logo must be placed as high as possible on both sleeves of the driver’s uniform. (See Graphic in Chapter 3 Section 16).  Driver must display the World of Outlaws Late Model Series logo on their uniform or receive a deduction of points at the discretion of the Series Director.
D. Contingency and sponsorship awards, any team participating must meet the requirements of the award(s) such as decals, patches, product use, and verification. There will be a written deadline presented to the teams prior to the start of each season for each element to be in place for the award requirements. If it is an existing program it will roll over from the prior season and the program will begin at the first race of the season.
E. The World of Outlaws Late Model Series Officials may refuse to allow a participant to compete in an event if it is determined at their discretion that any advertising and/or sponsorship or similar agreement is detrimental to the sport, the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, the event promoter, the World Racing Group for any reason, including the image of the sport.
F. Unless instructed to do otherwise the top three (3) finishers from the Feature, after being weighted, must proceed directly to victory lane and participate in all victory lane activities, including, but not limited to, top 3 photos, media interviews, victory lane photos, etc. Failure to comply will result in a minimum $500 fine. Any extenuating circumstances will be considered.
G. Team Transports and/or Souvenir Transport/Trailers if commercial vehicles, will be required to display the World of Outlaws Late Model Series logos in three locations (driver side, passenger side, and tailgate). The display size will be as follows; 24”-wide x 27”-tall – Team Transports 18”-wide x 24”-wide Souvenir Trailers.
H. Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in a loss of point fund monies, purse monies, and/or any other penalty as deemed necessary by World Racing Group and/or World of Outlaws Late Model Series Officials.