2022 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Rules Bulletins

Fire Suppression System - January 11, 2022

By the first WoO racing event of 2023 fire suppression systems will be required on all World of Outlaws Sprint Series competitors. Sprint Car Safety Council members are in the process of working with SFI and manufacturers to develop a set of specifications which is anticipated to be completed by May 2021. It is anticipated the specifications will include a required number of nozzle/s and their location, minimum 5lb system, bottle construction, type of mounting hardware, etc. It is recommended that anyone considering a sprint car fire suppression system should wait until the SFI specifications are released before making a purchase. If you intend to install a system before the SFI specification is completed, be aware you may be required to update it when the SFI specification is mandatory in 2023.

Single Tire Per Race - May 12, 2022

Because of the current tire shortage situation there will be a single tire per night rule implemented until further notice.

Single Tire per race rule: Right rear tires marked at the scale during time trials must be used in the competitors heat race and Feature. A different tire may be used for non-qualifiers race, preliminary main events (C & D, etc.), the Dash and the Last Chance Showdown. A marked tire damaged and approved for replacement by a World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Official can be replaced per the current rule book Section 10, J & K.