A. Provisional starting positions may not be awarded at the discretion of the Series Director for the following, but not limited to; if a car is deemed not be able to run a competitive speed; if a car is late to present itself for the feature event.
B. Once a driver has refused and/or chose not to use their awarded provisional, they will have forfeited their right to use said provisional for that night and it will be awarded to the next eligible driver with no exceptions.
C. All Teams wanting to take a provisional must have attempted to compete in at least one preliminary event leading up to the Feature.
D. Provisional starters tag the rear of the Feature.
E. If provisionals are permitted in the Feature event; the car(s) owner(s) and driver(s) will earn full WoO points.
F. All 2022 WoO Platinum Member race teams that raced the entire 2021 season either as an Owner or Driver are permitted unlimited provisionals during Volusia Speedway’s February Event.  After the Volusia Event, these teams will be awarded 2 provisionals. On July 1, 2022, any Platinum Team in good standing will earn an additional 2 provisionals. 2022 Gold Members will start the season with 2 provisionals but do not receive unlimited provisionals at Volusia. Gold Members in good standing will transition to Platinum status after the 5th night of racing.  The total provisionals any team can accumulate for the 2022 season is four (4). However, unlimited provisionals will again be awarded to all Platinum Teams that are in good standing during the World Final’s event at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
G. Any Owner or Driver that has already exhausted their allotted provisionals but gain additional provisionals by switching teams and/or by any other legal means will earn show-up points only for any further provisional starts.
H. Multi-car teams cannot rotate drivers to enhance their provisional position.
I. Any Team using a provisional shall forfeit the minimum start money paid for the Feature. Any position attained that pays greater than the start money will be paid as advertised minus the start money amount.
J. All Teams wanting to take a provisional must have attempted to compete in at least one preliminary event leading up to the Feature.
K. Provisionals tag the rear of the Feature.
L. An unlimited number of WoO awarded provisionals will be permitted for each event’s Feature.
M. The following guidelines will be used for determining provisional order:

a. For the first 5 race nights of the 2022 season provisionals will be awarded and lined up according to last year’s final Owner and Driver Point standings.
b. Beginning on the 6th night of racing, current Owner Points will determine the provisional order.
c. When using 2021 Owner and Driver Points for the first 5 nights of racing, the provisional order will be established by combining the two-point lists into one, numerically sequenced, list. If a team consists of a 2021 Owner and a different 2021 Driver, then that team uses whichever has the highest point position. Owner Points will take precedent if a tie exists between any Owner and Driver. Other ties will be broken first by 2021 A-Main Feature wins, then top 5 finishes, then top 10 finishes, and finally by qualifying position.

N. Tracks, where a weekly sprint car program is raced and pointed, may install a program identically paid and pointed as the WoO provisional program, for up to 2 local drivers.
O. In the event a qualified car/driver for the Feature Event is unable to take the initial green flag, the qualified car/driver will receive feature points and purse for last place. Any reason for not being able to take the initial green must be approved by Series Officials. In the event that multiple cars/drivers cannot make the initial green, they will be scored and pointed at the back of the field based on starting position. Alternates will no longer be taken to the Feature Event.
P. If at any time during the racing season a Platinum Team splits and both the Owner and Driver retain their Platinum status then both the Owner and Driver will be eligible for any unused Provisionals the Team had when the split occurred.