A. Only standard type Sprint Car bodies, tails, and hoods will be permitted.
B. Side foils, rudders, and/or panels that extend beyond the rear of the cage support bars will not be permitted.
C. Nose pieces and/or the top portions of the hood must not extend forward of the leading edge of the front torsion tube or similar position on a coil-over car. Torsion tubes must be positioned in what is considered a conventional location. The hood side paneling or other side body pieces must not extend forward of and/or below the front axle.
D. Sunshields that restrict the driver’s vision, restrict driver exit, or direct air will not be permitted at the discretion of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials will not be permitted.
E. Wedges and/or foils underneath the racecar will not be permitted.
F. Pieces that are added to the basic frame to resemble, imitate and/or be specifically designed to deflect, trap and/or form a pattern for air to travel in a directed manner, except for those used to cool and/or protect the engine and the brake system will not be permitted.
G. Mirrors of any kind, whether attached to the racecar and/or the driver will not be permitted.
H. All cars must have a minimum of an 18″-inch tall number on the outside of both top wing panels and a minimum 18″-inch tall number on the top wing center foil. Any letter utilized as part of the car number must be a minimum of 12 inches tall. If there are cars at any event that carry duplicate car numbers then one of the two cars will be required to add a letter to the number for scoring purposes.
I. All cars will be required to run a full sprint-type appearing hood with a maximum outside hood width of 30 inches. The hood must extend to the front of the torsion tubes and/or similar location on coil-over cars. The hood may be a multiple-piece design, but visually, it must appear to be one continuous piece in side-to-side and front-to-back manner.
J. The right side minimum panel opening dimension of 21” x 10” (refer to drawings) shall stay in effect.  The left side paneling may extend to but not forward of the support bar (refer to drawing 16.7.K). The use of a left side arm guard as part of the paneling is acceptable as long as it or any other part of the paneling does not prevent left side driver entry or exit at the discretion of Series Officials.
K. Safety bar(s) and/or arm guard paneling that protrude outward from the frame rails for the purpose of creating room for the driver will be permitted. The guard(s) and/or paneling will be permitted to extend a maximum of 7”-inches as measured from the outside edge of the middle frame rails and must remain above the middle frame rail. The sole purpose of this area is creating elbow room for the driver. The elbow room must remain above the upper “middle” frame rail and may not extend rearward of the leading edge of the rear axle. Reference drawings for additional information concerning body panels.
L. Rear radius rod protectors will be permitted. The maximum protector vertical opening will be 10 inches in height by 24 inches long and it must not extend more then 3 ½ inches from the outside edge of the bottom frame rails.
M. A maximum 1 ½ inch wide by 20 inch long exhaust fume deflector, located on the bottom side-body panel at the rear edge will be permitted. The turnout angle must not exceed 90 degrees.
N. All other side paneling must be fabricated flat and must not extend past the outside edge of the frame rails more than the thickness of the paneling material.
O. Side body panel designs and/or concave surfaces that, in the sole discretion of the World of Outlaws  Sprint Cars Series Officials, are intended to trap, alter and/or direct airflow for the purpose of gaining an aerodynamic performance advantage will not be permitted.
P. Any new body designs including, but not limited to side body panels, hood design, nose pieces and/or any other part of the exterior body must be approved by the World of Outlaws Series Sprint Car Officials prior to being introduced into competition.