Builder’s Guide Explanation: The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Engine Builder’s Guide has been assembled as a guide to assist in maintaining a level playing field, while maintaining the integrity of the engine program as it has developed to provide competitors with state-of-the-art, efficient and powerful 410-sprint racing engines.  A copy of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Engine Builders Guide can be obtained by contacting the series Technical Director listed on the contacts page.

Submission Process: Beginning with the 2010 World of Outlaw Sprint Car Season, any engine combination and/or component that is new must be submitted to World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series Officials and/or World Racing Group Supervisory Officials for approval into competition. A sample piece may be requested for visual and/or overall comparison during any inspection process. The engine combination and/or engine component must not be entered into competition prior to official approval. Official approval will consist of written approval from the World Racing Group corporate office in North Carolina.

Any part that is introduced into competition prior to written approval is subject to confiscation and/or a penalty issued to the team, driver, engine builder and/or manufacturer in violation. The penalty could result in the loss of privileges for further approval for that particular manufacturer within the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series.

For any manufacturer entering the series with a new engine combination that differs from the existing combinations in the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series, the design and submission parameters must be followed. Please contact World of Outlaws Technical Supervisor for the published Engine Builder’s Guide:

A. Only small block V-8 engines with the cam in the block and a maximum of 410.00 cubic inches of displacement (tolerance + 0.000) will be permitted. The formula 6.2832 x bore² x stroke will apply. Big block engines will not be permitted.
B. The engine must be mounted in-line with the driver and the drive-line must pass beneath the driver on center through the driver compartment. Offset engines and/or offsetting the position of the engine will not be permitted.
C. The engine block and cylinders must be machined from cast aluminum. Billet machined blocks and/or cylinder heads will not be permitted.
D. Engines with the magneto and/or distributor in a forward mounted and/or front mounted position will be allowed but must be approved prior to competition. Engines with the magneto and/or distributor mounted in the stock OEM production position for the block and/or engine must be approved prior to competition: 

a. Approved Front Drive Magneto System

i. Moroso – Part # 60205
ii. Moroso – Part # 60206

E. Only normally aspirated engines will be permitted. Turbo chargers, superchargers and/or forced induction of any type and/or description will not be permitted.
F. The maximum engine cylinder bore size shall be 4.165.
G. All engine cylinder sleeves (inserts) must be machined from an iron and/or steel alloy.
H. Titanium crankshafts, connecting rods and/or rod caps will not be permitted.
I. Only two (2) valves and one (1) spark plug will be permitted per cylinder.
J. Cylinder heads must retain a traditional valve pattern. Rotation of the valves will not be permitted.
K. Only steel connecting rods with a maximum length of 6.000 inches will be permitted.
L. All oil pans must have an inspection plug. The inspection plug must be a #12AN fitting or 1.00” pipe plug. In the event that an engine does not have an inspection plug the oil pan must be removed for inspection prior to competition.
M. Only throttle plate (butterfly) and shaft throttle body styles with round circular bores will be permitted. The maximum throttle bore as measured at the throttle plate (butterfly) may not exceed 3.000 inches in diameter. Slide plate, rotary cylinder, and/or other styles will not be permitted for competition. Carbon fiber manifolds and/or any other injection type pieces manufactured from carbon fiber will not be permitted.
N. A maximum of 16 fuel nozzles, utilizing two (2) per cylinder will be permitted. One (1) nozzle must be placed in the cylinder head and one nozzle must be placed in the injector.
O. A minimum of two (2) throttle return springs must be used to mechanically return the throttle to a fully closed position.
P. Only magneto-type ignitions will be permitted. A single crank-trigger type system will be permitted as a back-up ignition system. One (1) switch that alternates the current between the magneto and the crank trigger may be mounted to the dashboard within the driver’s reach. Multiple coil-pack ignitions will not be permitted.
Q. Steel and stainless steel headers will be permitted. Titanium headers will not be permitted.
R. The following Xtreme 30 Spark Controllers from Xtreme Products have been approved for competition:

a. Xtreme 30 Short – 2
b. Xtreme 30 long – 2

 S. New engine components and/or new engine configurations must be submitted and approved per the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Series Engine Builder’s Guide prior to being introduced into competition.