A. Fuel additives, including but not limited to nitro, nitro methane and/or nitrous oxide injection will not be permitted. Pure methanol and/or other approved fuels will be permitted. Fuel samples may be taken from time-to-time for inspection and analysis.
B. The same fuel cell/tank must be used in the same car for the entire race program. The fuel cell/tank may be changed at the discretion of the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Series Director if the cell/tank has been contaminated and/or physically damaged for any unforeseen reason.
C. A fuel cell with bladder and foam will be the only type fuel cells permitted. The fuel cell must be of one piece construction of cross-link polyethylene plastic. Alterations and modifications will not be permitted.
D. All teams racing with the WoO Sprint Series will be encouraged to run a 33 gallon fuel tank and bladder.  At all WoO Sprint Series events 33 gallons of fuel will be considered as part of the formula utilized when determining the total number of laps prior to refueling in any specified and/or announced event.