A. Only the following designated Hoosier Racing Tires will be permitted for competition on all four (4) positions of the racecar at all World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Series events.

a. The designated tire(s) will be available in the following compounds:

i. Front

1. 85/8.0-15 D12, D15, D20

ii. Left Rear

1. 15.0/90-15   H12
2. 15.0/92-15   H12, H15
3. 15.0/94-15   H12, H15
4. 15.0/96-15   H12, H15

iii. Right Rear

1. 105/16.0-15 H15, W18, H20, Medium

The Hoosier H-R 15 right rear tire is discontinued and no longer permitted for competition. 

B. The altering of any tire compound, by any means will not be permitted. Chemical alteration of the tread carcass and/or tread compound, such as tire ‘soaking’ and or the introduction of tread ‘softener’ and/or the physical defacement (removal, altering and/or covering) of tire sidewall markings in any manner will not be permitted. If any competitor is found to have altered their tires any penalty deemed appropriate by World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials may be issued. The rear drive tires may be protested by another competitor following the protest rules as stated in Chapter 1 Section 8.

a. Any tire may be inspected and/or analyzed for alteration at any time. This will consist of a process as determined by the independent laboratory that performs the analysis. A “Chain of Custody” process will be outlined with the competitor upon inspection of the tires.
b. The analysis process will require shipment of the tire to the selected laboratory.  Additional race event(s) may be completed before a determination is made. If a penalty is issued, the event(s) that fell into the analysis time period while the tire(s) were being analyzed will be considered as part of the penalty time period.
c. Reference Chapter 1 for Competitive Analysis Penalties and/or Protest(s).

C. Rear tire dimensions must comply with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series blue prints. Both rear tires must freely fit the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series gauges during pre and/or post-race inspection. (See drawings – Left Rear and Right Rear)
D. Prior to any Main Event the right rear tire may only be changed to replace a punctured, damaged, sliced and/or out-of-round tire.
E. A World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Official must be present when a marked and damaged right rear tire is replaced and/or a new right rear tire is fitted at any time other than before any Main Event.
F. During single-day events and qualifying nights of multi-day events the same marked right rear tire used in qualifying must be used throughout the Heat and the Dash races.
G. Any damaged right rear wheel may be replaced without penalty but must utilize the same marked right rear tire. If the tire is flat and/or damaged, then the rules governing the changing of the right rear tire must be adhered to.
H. The front and left rear tires and/or wheels may be changed at any time between races.
I. Defacing or altering, in any way, the tire manufacturers’ brand name, logo and other tire compound/size information is not allowed.
J. Fitting New Tires

a. A new right rear tire may be used, without penalty, for the start of the Feature event, LCS and any other Main Event.
b. Dash cars changing a RR tire prior to the Dash must use an acceptable used tire.  If an acceptable used tire is not available then that car will be scored as finishing last in the Dash.
c. If a car loses it’s right rear tire on its first qualifying lap, a new right rear tire can be fitted, but the car will be restricted to one (1) lap at the end of qualifying.
d. If any team attempts to fit a new right rear tire, without permission, prior to the Heat races or Dash to gain an advantage then any penalty, including disqualification, is at the discretion of the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Series Director.
e. During the Dash, Feature, LCS or any Main event, a flat and/or damaged tire may be changed, during a caution period in the designated work area. The following rules apply to such tire changes.
f. The car will restart in the position and procedure of a car exiting the work area, behind all cars on the same lap, provided the replacement is made within the allotted work area time.
g. During any event, a replacement tire will only be allowed for damaged tires, flat tires and/or damaged wheels. This rule applies to all four (4) tires on the car.  Exceptions will be allowed when changing front axle assemblies due to extensive front-end damage.  New front tires, already attached to the replacement assemblies, will be allowed except when, at the discretion of WoO Officials, such a change would create an unfair competitive advantage.
h. Prior to any work or replacement, positive approval for any replacement must be obtained from the World of Outlaws Official assigned to the work area.
i. A damaged tire is described as a tire; flat on the wheel, deflated, with extremely low air pressure or other circumstance.  Loss of air must be due to an apparent puncture, hole, slice, cut, tread separation, extreme tire wear or similar situation.  A damaged tire can be replaced with a new or used tire.
j. Damaged tires will be impounded by World of Outlaws Officials for inspection.
k. If any additional time is taken by the WoO Officials to determine if the tire meets the damaged tire criteria, that time will be added to the work area time, if any.
l. A damaged wheel may also be changed, with a replacement tire, during a caution period in the designated work area under the same stipulations as stated in 15.10. A damaged wheel is described as bent or broken, bead lock bent or broken, broken or damaged center section. Malfunctioning bleeder valves or bleeder devices are not considered as a damaged wheel.

K. Replacing Marked Punctured, Damaged, Sliced and/or Out-of-Round Tires, with similar used Tires:

a. Between Qualifying, heat races and dash, punctured, damaged, sliced and/or out-of-round marked right rear tires, with permission of World of Outlaws Series Officials, may be changed to a suitable right rear used tire of the same size and compound without penalty.  If a used tire is not available and installing a new tire is the only option, the car will lose its qualifying time and race the remainder of the program as such.
b. Cars changing to a used tire during a Heat or Dash race will restart the race at the rear of the field that is on the same lap.
c. Replacement tires will be remarked by the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials and the replaced tire shall be confiscated. Should a suitable used tire, as specified above, not be available a harder compound may be used at the discretion of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Director.