A. All race cars must weigh a minimum of 1425 pounds with a driver fully prepared to compete in the car throughout an entire event.
B. Additional bolt-on weight will be permitted, but must be mounted and fastened to the frame and/or chassis in a secure manner. All additional bolt-on weight must be mounted and fastened in the area between the bottom frame rails and axles but mounted no higher than the upper rails. At the discretion of World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Official’s additional bolt-on weight may be mounted and/or fastened forward of the front axle, but not past the front torsion bar.
C. The addition of bolt-on weight during any yellow and/or red flag condition will not be permitted.
D. The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series scales will be available and open to scale cars prior to hot laps at every event.
E. All cars will be weighed during qualifying.
F. When instructed to do so by World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials, cars must proceed immediately to the scale area. Crew members and/or other race team personnel will not be permitted in the area and/or to approach the car prior to reaching the designated area until it is weighed and released by World of Outlaws  Sprint Cars Series Official.
G. Except for extenuating circumstances drivers must remain seated in their typical racing position in the vehicle during the scaling process unless released by World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials. If a driver leaves the car without prior consent it could result in disqualification from the event in which the car is competing in.
H. Unless instructed otherwise the top three (3) finishers from the “Feature Event” are required to report to the scale area to be weighed. Failure to report and/or drive directly to the scale area may result in disqualification from the event. Extenuating circumstances will be considered.