A. A one piece, clear Lexan spoiler with a maximum height of 5”-inches from the rear deck will be permitted. Lettering and/or decals will not be permitted.

B. The rear spoiler must be non-adjustable from the cockpit and/or during racing conditions. Hinges, adjuster(s), slides and/or any other adjusting type device will not be permitted.

C. Metal gurney and/or table and/or flanges and/or lips will not be permitted.

D. A brake and/or bend on the top of the Lexan spoiler will be permitted for reinforcement. Maximum 1” lip.

E. The maximum overall height of the spoiler when measured from the ground must not exceed 50”-inches.

F. A maximum of four (4) of vertical supports (a maximum of 2”-inches in vertical height and 10”-inches in length) for the purpose of fastening the spoiler to the rear deck will be permitted.

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