A World Racing Group event is a competitive racing event that is intended to be conducted and officiated in accordance with the rules herein. These rules provide the guidelines for all events.  The rulebook may be amended from time to time and special rules may be published and/or adjusted at any event with the participants receiving prior notification. By participating in these events, all participants agree to comply with these rules and regulations.  The rules are not intended to express or imply the warranty of safety as a result of the publication of, or compliance with the rules and regulations as stated herein. The rules are intended to offer a guideline for the conduct and officiating of an event.  The Supervisory Official shall be empowered to permit any reasonable and/or appropriate amendment from any of the specifications and/or procedures herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. Revisions to the rules are not intended to express or imply the warranty of safety shall not result from any such deviation or restriction of the specifications, rules, and/or procedures. Any interpretation of, or deviation from, these rules herein, are left to the discretion of the racing officials and their jurisdiction is final.  Any equipment changes, alterations to existing parts, and/or performance-enhancing changes to previously approved parts or equipment must be approved in writing prior to introduction into competition.  Supervisory Officials reserve the right to immediately determine the legality and use of any equipment that has not received prior written approval for introduction into competition.  It is ultimately the obligation of each participant to ensure their conduct and equipment comply with all the applicable rules, as they may be amended from time to time. The rules are in no way a guarantee against injury and/or death to participants, spectators, officials, and/or others.

A DIRTcar weekly sanction and/or DIRTcar Sanctioned event does not provide for any direct or indirect supervisory authority by DIRTcar over the conduct of the events, the condition of the facility, or the interpolation or applicability of any track rules that differ from that of the DIRTcar Rulebook as set forth herein.