A. General 

a. All Members agree to act in a professional manner as determined by World Racing Group Officials. The professional manner includes, but is not limited to verbal representation, social media, text messages, written representation, any representation that may represent the sport of racing and/or motorsports in general and/or any affiliates.
b. Unless otherwise authorized, all Members must arrive at races in a timely manner prior to the drivers meeting so that they may participate in the entirety of the racing event. Failure to comply may result in disqualification and/or fine and/or suspension and/or legal action and/or any other action deemed appropriate by World Racing Group Supervisory Officials.
c. Members will not be permitted to compete and/or participate while under the influence of any alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances. If a member is found to be participating in such a manner an immediate suspension of Membership will be activated as per the definition of the rules in Chapter 1 Section 10. 

B. During an event, any member, a competitor, crew chief, car owner, crew member and/or team representative may be requested to report to the Officials Command Center for consultation with officials. The request may be communicated over the one-way radio and/or verbally. Failure to comply will be subject to fine and/or suspension and/or any other action deemed appropriate by Officials.
C. Parking

a. As a disciplinary or preventive action, a driver and/or race team may be parked during any DIRTcar Racing event. Parking is a directive from a supervisory official to cease competition and may include a set number of laps and/or complete event(s) and/or future events in order to promote the orderly conduct of the event. Parking will not be construed and/or deemed to be a disqualification and/or suspension and/or other “penalty” as referenced in Chapter 1 Section 7 and is not appealable under Chapter 1 Section 8 & 9 of this rule book.