The following terms, which appear periodically throughout this rule book, have the following meanings:

World Racing Group – WRG
The trade name and registered trademark of the World Racing Group.

The rules in this Rulebook, as they may be amended from time-to-time as provided.

Persons employed by World Racing Group and appointed by World Racing Group to officiate as an employee or independent contractor at an event.

DIRTcar Track Officials
Persons who are appointed by the sanctioned track to conduct the competition. Authority is dictated by the position and is limited to the scope of the duties as dictated by sanctioned track promoters.

Supervisory Officials
The officers, employees and/or agents of World Racing Group as designated. World Racing Group may designate additional ‘Supervisory Officials’ in a bulletin and/or verbally from time-to-time.

An individual who has been accepted by the World Racing Group as a Member pursuant to the rules and whose membership has not expired, been suspended, cancelled and/or terminated.

A DIRTcar sanctioned event. The event includes the race and all ancillary activity leading up to and following the conclusion of the event, including registration/sign-in, inspection (pre-and post-race), participant meetings, hot laps, qualifying, heat races, last chance showdowns and features.  It includes events affected by inclement weather and/or postponed dates related thereto.

The individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture and/or other legal entity that, in connection with the Event, is designated as the “Promoter” in the executed Sanction Agreement for the Event.

A driver, car owner, crew member and/or any other person (other than a World Racing Group Official) who participates competitively in a DIRTcar sanctioned racing Event. Whenever the words Competitor, driver, car owner, mechanic, team member and/or crew member are used unless the context indicates otherwise, the term used shall be interpreted to include any driver, car owner, crew member and/or other person assigned to or a member of the same racing team.

Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Except in Rare Instances. Referencing an occasion or circumstance that may not be contemplated and may require an adjustment, addition or revision to the posted Specifications and Procedures.