A. Membership Eligibility

a. DIRTcar may, but is not required to accept as a member, any individual or business entity interested in racing so long as the individual entity has properly and truthfully filed a DIRTcar membership application, has agreed to abide by the rules and paid the required fee as prescribed for membership.
b. Once a membership application has been completed, signed and approved, the member agrees to remain a member in good standing
c. Any membership may be terminated involuntarily and/or suspended.
d. The membership will expire each calendar year on the final day of the year.
e. Any expiring and/or new member is required to complete the required application for membership acceptance for the new calendar year beginning on January 1.

B. Platinum and Gold Member Status

a. Each calendar year teams that compete within the Series may be selected to compete as a Platinum Team Member as part of the Series. The teams that are selected will be required to submit and complete all proper documentation. Platinum Team Members may lose their status if they are in violation of any part of the Agreement, which includes the rules as stated herein.

C. Competitive Eligibility

a. All drivers competing in on-track activity at any event, including but not limited to practice, qualifying, qualifying races and/or the race, must sign a participant waiver form at the designated registration area prior to any on track participation in any DIRTcar sanction event.
b. Member agrees that all decisions of World Racing Group race officials, or track officials, regarding the interpretation and application of the World Racing Group and/or Series rules, regulations and the scoring of positions (race day decisions), shall be non‐ litigable. Any disputes regarding the interpretation and application of the DIRTcar RACING rules, regulations and the scoring of positions shall be fully and finally adjudicated by an independent Appellate Board to be promptly created by DIRTcar RACING, promoters, team owners, drivers, and crew members, and subject to the DIRTcar RACING Appeals Process and Regulations. Member further covenant and agree that member shall not, directly or indirectly, on behalf of myself, and my (as applicable) successors, heirs, employees, employers, teams, team owners, assigns, guarantors, guardians, agents, members, shareholders, affiliates and attorneys, initiate any type of legal action against DIRTcar RACING, or a DIRTcar RACING promoter, or their respective affiliates to challenge such decisions, to seek monetary damages, to seek injunctive relief or other equitable relief, or to seek any other type of legal remedy. Member agrees that the sole remedy is the pursuit of an appeal of the decision of the Appellate Board in this regard. Member understands that if Member pursues such legal action, which expressly violates this provision, then (i) Member expressly agrees to reimburse DIRTcar RACING and/or DIRTcar RACING promoter, for all of its attorney’s fees and costs in defending against such legal action, and (ii) any suspension Member is under at the commencement of such legal action will be extended for the length of time such legal action was in violation of this provision, such extended suspension time to begin after such legal action has been fully dismissed.

D. Membership Cards

a. All Members in good standing, who carry a Membership Card, will be admitted into the pits at the announced price for the event. Membership Cards must be presented for any discounted price, if any.
b. Each Member is responsible for lost or unauthorized use of the Membership Cards and/or “Series Credentials”. Each time a Card is requested to be replaced a $150 fee may be charged.
c. “Affiliate Members” including Corporate Sponsors, Media, Vendors and guest cards and/or any other valid membership card may not be used by any race participants, team members, relatives and/or friends of participants.
d. Series Credentials shall be issued to “approved” Members and may not be transferred. A Series Credential does not imply or complete the Membership Application and Approval
e. Any misuse of the Membership Card(s) will result in the Card being revoked from its listed member.  

E. Minimum Requirements

a. To be approved, secure and maintain a driver’s membership, a member at minimum must:

i. Be and remain in compliance with the World Racing Group Substance Abuse Policy as stated in section Chapter 1 Section 10.
ii. Failure to meet any criteria may result in an indefinite suspension of your DIRTcar license from any sanctioned DIRTcar racing event.
iii. Participant Age Requirements (for all divisions except DIRTcar 410 Sprint Car including World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series) (see D):

1. Age 18 and older with approved membership.
2. Ages 16 and 17 must complete minor release for track admittance.
3. Ages 15 and under must complete the Youthful Competitor Application (see vi) for consideration to participate as a driver. Application shall be received 7 days prior to the event.

iv. Sprint Car Requirements

1. Minimum age for participation in a DIRTcar 410 Sprint Car including World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series is 16.
2. Drivers Ages 16 and 17 must complete the Youthful Competitor Application (see vi) for consideration to participate. Application shall be received 7 days prior to the event.

v. Track and/or state regulations may establish additional minimum age requirements.
vi. Youthful Competitor Application Requirements

1. Complete the “Youthful Competitor Application” requesting to compete in the appropriate Series and/or Event(s), in addition to any additional requirements.
2. Execute and deliver to DIRTcar such authorizations, releases, applications, consents, waivers, resumes and other documents as may be required.
3. Following completion of all documentation, waivers, consents, resumes, other documents and/or training modules, a driver must be approved by a WRG Supervisory Official for competition before eligible to participate in any sanctioned event.
4. Application shall be received 7 days prior to your first event.

vii. Restrictions

1. Any driver who possesses a current DIRTcar Late Model and/or UMP Modified membership license will not be permitted to compete in any DIRTcar sanctioned Stock Car, Pro Stock and/or Street Stock event in the current season without permission from the DIRTcar Official and/or DIRTcar track promoter.
2. Any driver who possesses a current or previous year DIRTcar Big Block Modified and/or 358 Modified membership licenses will not be permitted to compete in any DIRTcar sanctioned Sportsman Modified, Pro Stock and/or Stock Car event without approval by a WRG Supervisory Officials.
3. A Pro Stock and/or Sportsman driver may race in a DIRTcar Big Block Modified and/or 358 Modified sanctioned with approval by a WRG Supervisory Officials and completion of appropriate license application.

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