A. Points will be awarded to drivers based upon their finish in each race as set forth in Chapter 2 Section 6 of this rulebook.
B. The Champions and top finish positions will be awarded championship prize money at the season ending banquet, as posted, based upon their cumulative point total for the series.
C. Banquet attendance is mandatory for Participants, unless extenuating circumstances present themselves, for the receipt of point fund and/or any bonus post season awards. Platinum and Gold Teams participation shall be covered within the series agreement.
D. Rookie Status

a. A “rookie” is determined by the criteria as set forth by World Racing Group Officials.
b. To be eligible a driver must submit his declaration for Rookie of the Year prior to the 15th event of the current season or April 15th, whichever may come first, to receive approval to participate for the award.
c. The parameters for eligibility will include but will not be limited to; any competitor that has never competed in an entire previous season; any competitor may not have won more than five (5) declared Series races (qualifying and/or features) in their career; have exceeded a maximum of three (3) declarations of intent to participate for Rookie of the Year in any prior seasons and/or competed in 50% or more series events in a single season.
d. The minimum number of races to be eligible for the Rookie of the Year Award will be 75% of the scheduled races as of the season opener, although those competitors not competing in 75% of the scheduled races will remain in the accumulated standings.
e. The Rookie of the Year Standings will be maintained based on the series points.
f. An Eligibility Panel will endorse Rookie of the Year candidates following the declaration(s). The Rookie of the Year Award will not be based solely in regard to on track performance. The Eligibility Panel will include: The Series Director, Race Director, Series Public Relations, World Racing Group Senior Management. The vote will be determined by a simple majority. Ties will be broken by another vote.