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Late Models

Willamette Speedway Hosts Wild Coors Clay Cup

By Ben Deatherage

It was another wild night of racing at Willamette Speedway on Saturday August 18th as the Lebanon venue hosted the Coors Clay Cup.  All five classes were on hand on the historical 1/3 mile oval which included the DirtCar Super Late Models, USRA Modifieds, Sportsman, Classic Sportsman, and Mini Trucks.  It marked the second event of the weekend as the night previous the Karts were on hand for their fifth race of the season (results below).


For the second week in a row it looked as if Albany driver Casey Vitale would win his second DirtCar Super Late Model race of the season.  Unfortunately it was not to be as he ended up in the wall in turns one and two on lap twenty-one while getting through lapped traffic.  The lead would be inherited by Jeremy Shank of Salem who would hold on for the rest of the distance for the incident filled feature for his second win of the season.


Rob Mayea of Bend was the runner-up finisher followed by Portland driver Joey Tanner.  The House of Duty, both from Happy Valley, completed the top five with the rookie teenager Justin finishing in fourth and his father John in fifth.  Kyle Yeack of Crawfordsville was fastest in qualifications at a time of 15.706 seconds while driving for Lynn McDonald of Sweet Home; McDonald would drive the car for the rest of the night.  Joey Tanner was the trophy dash winner, the victors in the heat races were Randy Barley of Albany, fellow Albany driver Randy Boyd, Casey Vitale, and Aumsville’s Rick Wyatt, and the winners of the two fifteen lap consolation features was Rob Mayea and Lebanon’s Tony Brakeall.


Kyle Yeack earned his fourth USRA Modified feature win of the 2012 campaign by taking advantage from his pole starting position.  Despite only a handful of stoppages Yeack were able to keep his car out in front of the rest of the field to earn the win.


Craig Hanson of Albany was the second place finisher and Dustin Dittman, also from Albany, was third.  Crossing the stripe in fourth place was Justin Evans of Lebanon and scoring fifth would be Sam Potter of Monmouth.  Jeremy Shank was the quickest qualifier with his time of 17.067 seconds, earning the trophy dash victory would be veteran driver Sandy Sanders from Junction City, winners of the heat races included Craig Moore of Seabeck, Washington, Lebanon’s Scott Byrum, and Sam Potter.  A consolation feature was run for fifteen laps, with the top six transferring, was won by Jeffrey Rivers from Lebanon.


Third time was definitely the charm for Brian Smith of Albany earned his second Sportsman win of the season but the first time in the Glen Hackney entry.  The previous two weeks he had been provided the car to beat but on both previous occasions mechanical problems had put the team out of contention for the win.  Up until the main event Hackney himself had chauffeured the entry about the oval until Smith persuaded him to wheel the car in the feature.


Todd Miller of Albany would cross the line in second place and finishing in third would be Brian Winkler of Newberg.  Lebanon drivers Clyde Rood and Danny Altom would complete the top five by finishing respectively in fourth and fifth place.  Fast time of the evening was Miller at 16.622 seconds and would go on to win the trophy dash, winners in heat race action were Sonny Wallace of Corvallis, Glen Hackney, and Winkler, while earning the win in the consolation feature was Wallace.


Earning his sixth Classic Sportsman feature win of the year Kyle Yeack would also make it his tenth win over all of the season.   Yeack would capture the lead on lap eight and lead the rest of the distance.  A total of four cautions occurred during the feature all within the first seven laps.


David Cronk of Portland finished in second place running Monmouth driver Erik Jarnport’s number for points because Jarnport unfortunately was unable to make the race.  Justin Evans was the third place finisher followed by Kevin Roberts of Gresham and Molalla’s Shannon Horn in fourth and fifth place.  Bricen James was again fast time of the night but this occasion at a time of 18.447 seconds, Steve Jorgenson of Albany was the heat race winner, and David Cronk and Kevin Roberts won their heat races.


Scott Lehman captured his fourth Mini Truck win of 2012 and also swept the field in competition.  Tim Baker of Sheridan was second and Jennifer of Robbins of Jefferson was the third place finisher.  Lehman set fast time at 20.010 seconds and won both the trophy dash and the heat race.


The Willamette Speedway will be back in action on Saturday August 25th for the Modified Tribute To Clair (Arnold) which will feature the USRA Modifieds, Sportsman, Classic Sportsman, and PHRA Dwarfs.  Don’t forget to order your reserved seats for the Monday September 3rd World of Outlaws event by logging on to the track website and following the link on the bottom of the home page or contacting the Ticket Force Call Center at 1-877-840-0457.


Race Results

Oregon Triple Crown Race #3

Sunday August 12th, 2012

Willamette Speedway

Lebanon, Oregon


Pee Wee

4 Entries

Heat One Winner: Brody Sim

Heat Two Winner: Brody Sim

A-Feature: 1. Kason Miller, 2. Brody Sim, 3. Carly Holmes, 4. Austin Sause


5HP Open

8 Entries

Heat One Winner: Tanner Holmes

Heat Two Winner: Merissa Henson

A-Feature: 1. Tanner Holmes, 2. Merissa Henson, 3. Kaiden Butler, 4. A.J. Harbaugh, 5. Brendan McMaster, 6. Trevon Jeanott, 7. Tyler Leffler, 8. Ryan Peery


5HP Subaru

2 Entries

Heat One Winner: McLain Beaudoin

Heat Two Winner: A.J. Harbaugh

A-Feature: 1. McLain Beaudoin, 2. A.J. Harbaugh



9 Entries

Heat One Winner: Justin Jones

Heat Two Winner: Austin Jones

A-Feature: 1. Austin Jones, 2. Kyle Cormican, 3. Justin Jones, 4. Eric Scofield, 5. Cooper Desbiens, 6. Jared Lund, 7. Kyle Roles, 8. Duke Johnson, 9. Mike Day Jr.



15 Entries

Heat One Winners: Mackenzie Thompson (A), Tyler Thompson (B)

Heat Two Winners: Bricen James (A), Bartley Foster (B)

A-Feature: 1. Tyler Thompson, 2. Bricen James, 3. Bartley Foster, 4. Jesse Colwell, 5. Bailey Hibbard, 6. Colton Cheffey, 7. Kyle Alberding, 8. Mackenzie Thompson, 9. Matt McDowell, 10. Scott Fox, 11. Josua Lewis, 12. Kevin Hilgendorf, 13. James Setters, 14. Dean Bucey, 15. Haleigh Perry


Open Kage

38 Entries

Heat One Winners: Erin Lyons (A), R.J. Johnson (B), Bricen James (C), Andrew Burzynski (D)

Heat Two Winners: Ben Hinkle (A), Nick Isaacson (B), Dana Evans (C), Matt Whittaker (D)

C-Feature: 1. Ben Hinkle, 2. Skyler Caster, 3. Renee Angel, 4. Nate Lynch, 5. Megan Day, 6. Ken Mahoney, 7. Amanda Moore, 8. Zane Lee, 9. Megan Fitch, 10. Erin Lyons, 11. David Lyons, DNS Joey Souza, DNS Casey Schmitz, DNS Alison Smith

B-Feature: 1. Dayne Amyx, 2. Jesse Colwell, 3. Colby Copeland, 4. Ben Hinkle, 5. Brendan Waterman, 6. Matt Moberly, 7. Kevin Hartnett, 8. Dee Dee Burzynski, 9. Mackenzie Thompson, 10. McKenzie Whittaker, 11. Skyler Caster, 12. Adam Bunch, 13. Chuck Connell, 14. Rick Bunch

A-Feature: 1. Pete Johnston, 2. Dayne Amyx, 3. Ben Hinkle, 4. Bricen James, 5. Dana Evans, 6. Chad Woods, 7. Patrick Dills, 8. Matt Whittaker, 9. Jacob Bell, 10. Jesse Colwell, 11. Colby Copeland, 12. Andrew Burzynski, 13. Nick Isaacson, 14. Steve Evans, 15. R.J. Johnson, 16. Mike Wheeler


2012 Oregon Triple Crown Champions:

Pee Wee: Brody Sim

5HP Open: Tanner Holmes

5HP Subaru: A.J. Harbaugh

125cc: Justin Jones

250cc: Bartley Foster

Open Kage: Pete Johnston


Kart Race #5

Friday August 17th, 2012


Pee Wee

2 Entries

Heat One: Talyn Roberts

Heat Two: Talyn Roberts

A-Feature: 1. Talyn Roberts, 2. Kason Miller


5HP Subaru

3 Entries

Heat One: McLain Beaudoin

Heat Two: McLain Beaudoin

A-Feature: 1. McLain Beaudoin, 2. Brody Sim, 3. Grace Osborne


5HP Open

2 Entries

Heat One: Brody Sim

Heat Two: Brody Sim

A-Feature: 1. Brody Sim, 2. Eston Whisler


Junior Speedway Karts

1 Entry

Heat One: Ian Whisler

Heat Two: Ian Whisler

A-Feature: 1. Ian Whisler



Heat One: Kyle Roles (A), Austin Jones (B)

Heat Two: Kyle Cormican (A), Justin Jones (B)

A-Feature: 1. Austin Jones, 2. Justin Jones, 3. Eric Scofield, 4. Kyle Cormican, 5. Kyle Roles, 6. Duke Johnson, 7. Casey Starr, 8. Christian Osborne, 9. Dalton Piefer, 10. Ricky Ashley



1 Entry

Heat One: Tyler Thompson

Heat Two: Tyler Thompson

A-Feature: 1. Tyler Thompson


Open Kage

Heat One: Brendan Waterman (A), Mackenzie Thompson (B)

Heat Two: Jake Ferguson (A), Andrew Burzynski (B)

A-Feature: 1. Andrew Burzynski, 2. Brendan Waterman, 3. Bricen James, 4. Jake Ferguson, 5. Mackenzie Thompson, 6. Dee Dee Burzynski, 7. Jimmy Whisler, 8. Randy Phelps, 9. Ron Osborne


Speedway Karts

2 Entries

Heat One: Darren Brown

Heat Two: Darren Brown

A-Feature: 1. Darren Brown, DNS Rick Jones


Coors Clay Cup

Saturday August 18th, 2012


DirtCar Super Late Models

32 Entries

Fast Time: Kyle Yeack 15.706

Trophy Dash Winner: Joey Tanner

Heat Race Winners: Randy Barley (1), Randy Boyd (2), Casey Vitale (3), Ricky Wyatt (4)

First B-Feature: 1. Rob Mayea, 2. Terry Hall, 3. Jimmy Whisler, 4. Tory Swayngim, 5. Randy Boyd, 6. Paul Culp, 7. Mike Peters, 8. Andrew Robertson, 9. Tom Pitts

Second B-Feature: 1. Tony Brakeall, 2. Bruce Hipple, 3. Trent Elliott, 4. Jimmy Schram, 5. Randy Barley, 6. Mark Gaylord, 7. Jordan Wright, 8. Keith Marson, 9. Dan Deibele

A-Feature: 1. Jeremy Shank, 2. Rob Mayea, 3. Joey Tanner, 4. Justin Duty, 5. John Duty, 6. Casey Vitale, 7. Lynn McDonald, 8. Tony Brakeall, 9. Trent Elliott, 10. Mark Thompson, 11. Jimmy Whisler, 12. Terry Hall, 13. Bruce Hipple, 14. Kevin Roberts, 15. Rick Wyatt, 16. Brian Cronk, 17. Trevor Glaser, 18. John Campos, 19. Kye Frick, 20. Steve Moore


USRA Modifieds

25 Entries

Fast Time: Jeremy Shank 17.067

Trophy Dash Winner: Sandy Sanders

Heat Race Winners: Craig Moore (1), Scott Byrum (2), Sam Potter (3)

B-Feature: 1. Jeffrey Rivers, 2. Craig Moore, 3. Tom Berry Jr., 4. Jonathan Lewis, 5. Ryan McTaggert, 6. Kyler Moore, 7. Nate Sim, 8. Matthew Drager, 9. Ken Gummus, 10. Brian Smith, 11. Steve Moore, 12. Jason Andrews

A-Feature: 1. Kyle Yeack, 2. Craig Hanson, 3. Dustin Dittman, 4. Justin Evans, 5. Sam Potter, 6. Craig Cassell, 7. Jeffrey Rivers, 8. Trent Croy, 9. John Campos, 10. Robert Hoefs, 11. Sandy Sanders, 12. Ricky Ashley, 13. Scott Byrum, 14. Ryan McTaggert, 15. Steve Suckow, 16. Jonathan Lewis, 17. Kyler Moore, 18. Craig Moore, 19. Tom Berry Jr., 20. Jeremy Shank



21 Entries

Fast Time: Todd Miller 16.622

Trophy Dash Winner: Todd Miller

Heat Race Winners: Sonny Wallace (1), Glen Hackney (2), Brian Winkler (3)

B-Feature: 1. Sonny Wallace, 2. Bill Allison, 3. Dan Kerr, 4. Phillip Passmore, 5. Austin Gorham, 6. Jeff Rash, 7. Archie Teeples

A-Feature: 1. Brian Smith, 2. Todd Miller, 3. Brian Winkler, 4. Clyde Rood, 5. Danny Altom, 6. Brian Brown, 7. Justin Dittman, 8. Sonny Wallace, 9. Tim Archer, 10. Loren Kreusi, 11. Bill Allison, 12. Brad Gentry, 13. Casey Rhoades, 14. Jeff Marson, 15. Jody Tanner, 16. Phil Houseworth


Classic Sportsman

16 Entries

Fast Time: Bricen James 18.447

Trophy Dash Winner: Steve Jorgenson

Heat Race Winners: David Cronk (1), Kevin Roberts (2)

A-Feature: 1. Kyle Yeack, 2. David Cronk, 3. Justin Evans, 4. Kevin Roberts, 5. Shannon Horn, 6. Doug Scott, 7. Bricen James, 8. Roy Doran, 9. Michael Byrum, 10. Gary Allison, 11. Christina Foster, 12. Donny Allison, 13. J.J. Irvine, 14. Rich Speer, DNS Steve Jorgenson


Mini Trucks

4 Entries

Fast Time: Scott Lehman 20.010

Trophy Dash Winner: Scott Lehman

Heat Race Winner: Scott Lehman (1)

A-Feature: 1. Scott Lehman, 2. Tim Baker, 3. Jennifer Robbins, DNS Mark Vonsild

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