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2010 Sportsman Competitor Notes – Mohawk Int’l Raceway

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Mohawk Sportsman Modifieds

Mohawk Sportsman Modifieds

Friday, September 17th, 2010 (Original Date) Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Event #3 – Field is Set (FEATURE ONLY)

DIRTcar, Track Staffing and Contacts:
Chip Burdick 315-778-3407
Gary Spaid 585-734-5959
Bob Dini 917-939-5417
Tom Skibinski 585-227-2939
Joe Skotnicki 704-796-4566
Shane Andrews 315-725-3602

Mohawk International Raceway:
Jeremie Corcoran 315-374-2839

Event Schedule:
September 17th, 2010 – JRECK Subs 50 – Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series

General Daily Schedule:
4:00 pm – Pit Gates Open, Transporter Parking, Teams Enter, Inspection Begins
6:15 pm – MANDATORY Driver’s Meeting
7:00 pm – Hot Laps
7:45 pm – Qualifying Races (Other divisions and regular Sportsman Show)
Followed by JRECK Subs – Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified ‘50’

Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Event Specific Rules:
E.) Only the DIRTcar approved –A-B-C type shock absorbers displaying the DIRTcar “Approved” decal will be permitted to compete.

F.) Approved Shock Absorbers: All shock absorbers for the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds, DIRTcar Pro Stock, DIRTcar Pro Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Sportsman and DIRTcar UMP Stock Car division must be approved and display an approved designation decal beginning in the 2010 season. There will be three types of approved designations, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’..

Approved ‘A’-type Shock Absorbers: Pro Shocks – WB and SS Series
DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Bilstein – AK and SG/SM Series
DIRTcar Pro Stock AFCO – 1020-1034 Series
DIRTcar Pro Late Model AFCO – 1273-1295 Series
DIRTcar UMP Sportsman AFCO – 1473-1497 Series
DIRTcar UMP Stock Car

Approved ‘B’-type Shock Absorbers: Pro Shocks – TA Series
DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Bilstein – SL/SZ Series
DIRTcar Pro Late Model AFCO – 1000 Series
DIRTcar Pro Stock

Approved ‘C’-type Shock Absorbers: Pro Shocks – PG Series
DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Bilstein – SL/SZ Series
DIRTcar Pro Late Model AFCO – 1300 Series
AFCO – 2100 Series
Genesis – GD Series (steel body)

Tires; (Only Hoosier Tires)
Front Tires; 1.) “DIRT Soft” (300) 2.) “DIRT Hard” (400)
Rear Tires; 1.) “M45” 2.) “D50” 3.) “D60” 4.) “RC-6”

Fuel; Only ‘D’-type VP Racing Gasoline, the official fuel of DIRTcar will be permitted for competition. VP D-99 or D-98 or a maximum octane will be the only specified fuel permitted at any sanctioned DIRTcar and/or Super DIRTcar Series event. In addition a maximum “94 octane, R+M/2” standard pump gasoline will be permitted. Blending of fuels or gasoline, including VP spec (including ‘D’) fuels of different octane will not be permitted. Alcohol, methanol, nitrous oxide, nitro-methane and/or propylene oxide will not be permitted. Fuel may be subject to inspection and testing at any time. Proof of purchase for the official fuel of DIRTcar may be required.

Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Event Specific Rules:
30 Car Field Maximum. (4 Provisional positions available to the 2010 Top-12 in championship points.)
Number of Qualifying Races will be based on the total number cars competing in the event. (8-lap qualifying races)
2 (or more) ‘B’-Features (10-laps) – Number of Transfers will be posted on the lineup board.
Top 12 Driver’s from qualifying will redraw for starting position in the feature.
The race will be on the 100-point schedule.

*** Payoff will be after the conclusion of the event, location to be specified.

Event Specific Rules:
– All starts are side-by-side until the green flag is displayed
– All restarts in all races (qualifying, B-Main’s and or the Feature) will be double-file with lead lap cars to the front and take place near the exit of turn four as specified in the driver’s meeting. Single file restarts may be instituted at any time during any race at the discretion of the Series Director.
– The leader is the control car on all starts and/or restarts
– Caution laps will not count.
– All races will end with a green-white-checker finish
– One-way radios are mandatory.
– When the caution is displayed, please get into single-file order, you will be signaled over the one-way radio when it is time to go double-file and/or restart single file.
– It is mandatory to have the following decals on the car (DIRTcar, Super DIRTcar Series, VP Racing Fuels and Hoosier) and the driver must have a VP patch on his uniform.
– To be eligible for other available contingencies you must run the decals. Included is a guided map for two available options to place decals on your vehicle.
– Immediately following the conclusion of the event, the first place car needs to go to the scale first, then we need second and third to the scales and to victory lane.

Technical Inspection:
Be prepared for inspection at Mohawk International Raceway Technical Inspection begins at 4:00 pm on September 17th, 2010 – (Bob Dini, Chip Burdick and Scott Fremouw):
Safety and General Inspection
Carburetor Inspection
General Body Inspection
Pre-Race Engine Inspection
Fuel Samples from Fuel Cell
Overall Inspection

Post Race Weight:
Sportsman Modified = 2,450 lbs

*** Note: There will be post-race inspection in the located in the inspection area, following the completion of Victory Lane Ceremonies.

Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series Race #3 – Mohawk Int’l Raceway, September 17th, 2010
‘Jreck Subs 50’ – Starting Field

1.) 83 Dylan Evoy/Brockville,ONT 2.) 27 Sheldon Hoogwerf/Prescott,ONT
3.) 29g Steve Gray/Middlesex,NY 4.) 54 Mark Chiddy/Boston,NY
5.) 38 Ryan Susice/Ransomville,NY 6.) 66 Dan Wiesner/Geneva,NY
7.) 83x Tim Sears Jr./Clay,NY 8.) 92ny Brad Winters/Lisbon,NY
9.) 19w Justin Wright/Piffard,NY 10.) 11 Donnie Lawson/Woodhull,NY
11.) 15 Shane Pecore/Cornwall,ONT 12.) 01 Chris Raabe/Napanee,ONT
13.) 88 Michel Primeau/Summerstown,ONT 14.) 17j Jamie Platt/Watertown,NY
15.) 1 Travis Back/Hogansburg,NY 16.) 28 Shawn Burke/Massena,NY
17.) 30 Brent Kelsey/Plantagenet,ONT 18.) 81 Christine Martin/Wellesley Island,NY
19.) 2L Loren Lincoln/South Bristol,NY 20.) 140 Mark Dixon/Durham,ONT
21.) 4 Jeff Phillips/Ottawa,ONT 22.) 03 Josh Jock/Akwesasne,NY
23.) 02 Chris Taylor/Picton,ONT 24.) 2 Jenna David/Akwesasne,QUE
25.) 55c Jesse Cotriss/Akron,NY 26.) 9 Kristian Smoke/Akwesasne,NY

Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Purse:
1 $1,000
2 600
3 450
4 325
5 275
6 225
7 200
8 180
9 160
10 140
11 120
12 110
13 100
14 100
15 100
16 100
17 100
18 100
19 100
20 100
21 100
22 100
23 100
24 100
25 100
26 100
27 100
28 100
29 100
30 100

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