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Tommy Myer takes opening night win at Western DIRTcar UMP Modified Fall Nationals!

Western DIRTcar UMP Modified11th Annual Mesilla Valley Transportation Fall Nationals
Southern New Mexico Speedway ~ Las Cruces, New Mexico
UMP DIRTcar West Modified Event Winners

(Friday, November 5th 2010)

Heat 1: Johnny Bone Jr., Jimmy Ray, Jason Hughes, Hunter Rasdon, Steve Miller, Scott Lenz, James Flemming, Chris Sims, Joe Lackey, Greg Jenkins, Brian Clark, Lucas Schott

Heat 2: John Webb, Zane DeVilbiss, RC Whitwell, Jeremy Payne, Wayne Brooks, Kellen Chadwick, Alan Sharpensteen, Derek Ramirez, Brady Coen, Dickie Gorham, Edward Munoz, Ryan Gustin

Heat 3: John Anderson, Sherman Barnett, Roy Don Mason, Tristan Sikes, Butch Reid Jr., Todd Budlong, Bob Sikes, Bobby Sikes, Fred Wojeck, Tyson Franks, Donald Gorham, Nathan Mayes

Heat 4: Tommy Weder Jr., Chad Ayers, Kelly Shryock, Dustin Hyde, Randy Brown, Robbie Chiles, Owen Puckett, Carlos Ahumada, Jacob Gallardo, Kevin Fitzgerald, Max Sadler, Duane Dechant

Heat 5: Alex Stanford, Neal Flowers, Josh Cain, Rodney Sanders, Terry Phillips, Curt Barnett, Jake O’Neal, Phillip Houston, Neal Flowers, Frank Dutton, Kevin Boles, Matthew Higgins

Heat 6: Bumper Jones, Larry Meeks, Christy Georges, Royal Jones, Bobby Malchus, Wes Meeks, Dusty Riggs, Patrick Lynn, Morgan Bagley, Wesley Summers, Porter Smith, Ronnie Salas

Heat 7: Johnny Scott, Stormy Scott, Robert Adams, Zach Vanderbeek, Toby Herring, Terry Tipton, Martin Robinson, Randy Reeser, Corey Dripps, Max Sadler, Kelly Gorham

Heat 8: Tim Donlinger, Tommy Myer, Nick O’Neal, Tom Georges, Holly Jones, Chase Junghans, Mercedes Harris, Roger Owens, Roy Meeks, Monte Bolton, Fito Gallardo

C-Main 1: Wayne Brooks, Dickie Gorham, Mercedes Harris, Roy Meeks, Dusty Riggs, Jacob Gallardo, James Flemming, Kelly Gorham, Bob Sikes, Wes Meeks, Nathan Mayes, Roger Owens, Joe Lackey, Ronnie Salas, Matthew Higgins, Patrick Lynn, Max Sadler, Fito Gallardo

C-Main 2: Jake O’Neal, Toby Herring, Chase Junghans, Porter Smith, Greg Jenkins, Alan Sharpensteen, Bobby Sikes, Lucas Schott, Todd Budlong, Duane Dechant, Brady Coen, Chris Sims, Neal Debord, Tyson Franks, Randy Reeser, Wesley Summers, Monte Bolton

C-Main 3: Curt Barnett, Kellen Chadwick, Derek Ramirez, Ryan Gustin, Phillip Houston, Fred Wojeck, Brian Clark, Corey Dripps, Owen Puckett, Frank Dutton, Martin Robinson, Edward Munoz, Donald Gorham, Steve Sutton, Carlos Ahumada, Kevin Boles, Morgan Bagley

B-Main 1: Rodney Sanders, Hunter Rasdon, Neal Flowers, Terry Phillips, Jimmy Ray, Josh Cain, Dustin Hyde, Porter Smith, Wayne Brooks, Roy Don Mason, Scott Lenz, Derek Ramirez, Tristan Sikes, Butch Reid Jr., Mercedes Harris, Chad Ayers, Curt Barnett, Alan Sharpensteen, Phillip Houston, Toby Herring, Dusty Riggs, Tom Georges, Robbie Chiles, Holly Jones

B-Main 2: Stormy Scott, Tim Donlinger, Jason Hughes, RC Whitwell, Zach Vanderbeek, Steve Miller, Brian Clark, Larry Fears, Dickie Gorham, Bobby Malchus, Jake O’Neal, Terry Tipton, Kellen Chadwick, Ryan Gustin, Fred Wojeck, Jacob Gallardo, Sherman Barnett, Randy Brown, Chase Junghans, Wes Meeks, Royal Jones, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jeremy Payne, Greg Jenkins, Nick O’Neal (DNS)

A-Main: Tommy Myer, Johnny Bone Jr., Bumper Jones, John Anderson, Johnny Scott, Kelly Shryock, Rodney Sanders, Alex Stanford, Tommy Weder Jr., Robert Adams, Stormy Scott, Tim Donlinger, Zach Vanderbeek, Christy Georges, Hunter Rasdon, Josh Cain, RC Whitwell, Neal Flowers, Jimmy Ray, Steve Miller, John Webb, Zane DeVilbiss, Jason Hughes (NF), Terry Phillips (NF) (Top 5 to Sunday’s A-main)

**94 Modifieds from 13 states – (OK, MO, CA, NM, AR, CO, TX, AZ, IA, MN, KS, OR, NE)

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