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Westfall Motors to UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Gator Qualifier Triumph


Matt Westfall

Ohio driver locks into Monday night’s $5,000-to-win Gator Championship Redraw at Volusia

BARBERVILLE, Fla. – Feb. 17, 2013 – Matt Westfall blazed a fast path to victory lane and earned the $700 winner’s check Sunday night during the second Gator Championship qualifier in the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment at Volusia Speedway Park.

“We had a good evening, I qualified good enough to put it on the front row,” said Westfall, of Pleasant Hill, Ohio. “The track was fast tonight and difficult to pass. Reminded me of Eldora Speedway where we usually run.”

Westfall started outside of the front row and held off NASCAR veteran Ken Schrader of Concord, N.C., who made several valiant attempts to pass Westfall during the 20-lap main event. Schrader settled for second, which locks both drivers into the redraw for Monday night’s Gator Championship.

“This week we’ve had brand new cars so we’ve struggled a little bit,” Westfall said. “Tonight we finally found something. It feels real good just to win!”

Dale Mathison of Clearwater, Minn., NASCAR Nationwide driver Justin Allgaier of Springfield, Ill., and DIRTcar Summit Modified Nationals Champion Kenny Wallace of Fenton, Mo., rounded out the top five and also secured a spot in the redraw for Monday night ensuring they’ll start no worse than 10th.

Brian Shaw of Robinson, Ill., Camping World Truck Series Champion Austin Dillon of Welcome, N.C., Bart Hartman of Zanesville, Ohio, home-state driver Wayne Hammond of Riverview, Fla., and Richard Michael Jr. of Ischua, N.Y., locked into outside rows 6 through 10 for Monday night by finishing in the top 10.

Kelly Shryock of Fertile, Iowa, and Todd Neiheiser of Panama City, Fla., claimed Last Chance Showdown victories.

There were 37 DIRTcar UMP Modifieds on hand for the second of two Gator Qualifying nights of competition. Monday night’s racing program will feature the first night of DIRTcar Late Model action as well as the $5,000-to-win DIRTcar UMP Modified Gator Championship.

For more information, go to . Follow the event on Twitter @DIRTcarNats and on Facebook at

A-Main (20 Laps) – 1. Matt Westfall ($700); 2. Ken Schrader; 3. Dale Mathison; 4. Justin Allgaier; 5. Kenny Wallace; 6. Brian Shaw; 7. Austin Dillon; 8. Bart Hartman; 9. Wayne Hammond; 10. Richard Michael Jr; 11. Jeff Babcock; 12. Jason Beaulieu; 13. Corey Daugherty; 14. Jeff Mathews; 15. Kody Weisner; 16. Kelly Shryock; 17. Todd Neiheiser; 18. Justin Marks; 19. Mitchell Opatik; 20. David Stremme; 21. Mike Wedelstadt; 22. Joel Ortberg; 23. Collin Thirlby; 24. Jim Zimmer.

Qualifying 1: ; 1. Justin Allgaier; 2. Kenny Wallace; 3. Matt Westfall; 4. Brian Shaw; 5. Kelly Shryock; 6. Matt Crafton; 7. Dwight Niehoff; 8. Mitchell Opatik; 9. Brandon Davis; 10. Joe Carr.

Qualifying 2: ; 1. Dale Mathison; 2. Gary Cook Jr; 3. Joel Ortberg; 4. Justin Marks; 5. Collin Thirlby; 6. Kody Weisner; 7. Corey Daugherty; 8. Buzzie Reutimann; 9. Matt Gresham.

Qualifying 3: ; 1. Bart Hartman; 2. Austin Dillon; 3. Mike Wedelstadt; 4. Wayne Hammond; 5. Richard Michael Jr; 6. Todd Neiheiser; 7. Jason Gross; 8. Dalton Lanich; 9. Dave Baldwin.

Qualifying 4: ; 1. Jeff Babcock; 2. Jason Beaulieu; 3. Jeff Mathews; 4. Ken Schrader; 5. David Stremme; 6. Denny Schwartz; 7. Jim Zimmer; 8. Trey Bryant; 9. Nick Tharp.

Heat 1: ; 1. Matt Westfall; 2. Brian Shaw; 3. Kenny Wallace; 4. Justin Allgaier; 5. Mitchell Opatik; 6. Kelly Shryock; 7. Matt Crafton; 8. Dwight Niehoff; 9. Brandon Davis; DNS. Joe Carr.

Heat 2: ; 1. Justin Marks; 2. Dale Mathison; 3. Kody Weisner; 4. Collin Thirlby; 5. Joel Ortberg; 6. Gary Cook Jr; 7. Buzzie Reutimann; 8. Corey Daugherty; 9. Matt Gresham.

Heat 3: ; 1. Mike Wedelstadt; 2. Bart Hartman; 3. Austin Dillon; 4. Wayne Hammond; 5. Richard Michael Jr; 6. Todd Neiheiser; 7. Dalton Lanich; 8. Jason Gross; 9. Dave Baldwin.

Heat 4: ; 1. Ken Schrader; 2. Jeff Mathews; 3. Jeff Babcock; 4. Jason Beaulieu; 5. David Stremme; 6. Jim Zimmer; 7. Nick Tharp; 8. Trey Bryant; DNS. Denny Schwartz.

B-Main 1: ; 1. Kelly Shryock; 2. Corey Daugherty; 3. Gary Cook Jr; 4. Dwight Niehoff; 5. Matt Crafton; 6. Matt Gresham; 7. Brandon Davis; 8. Joe Carr; DNS. Buzzie Reutimann.

B-Main 2: ; 1. Todd Neiheiser; 2. Jim Zimmer; 3. Jason Gross; 4. Dalton Lanich; 5. Nick Tharp; DNS. Jacob Poel; DNS. Trey Bryant; DNS. Dave Baldwin; DNS. Denny Schwartz.

The DIRTcar UMP Modified portion of the University of Northwestern Ohio DIRTcar Nationals by Summit Racing Equipment is brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Summit Racing Equipment, Hoosier Racing Tires, Chevy Performance, University of Northwestern Ohio, Arizona Sports Shirts, Auto Meter, Bell Helmets, Beyea Custom Headers, Bilstein Shocks, Cool Shirts, Dominator Race Products, Fast Shafts, FK Rod Ends, Fragola Performance Systems, Impact Race Products, Intercomp, Landrum Springs, Racing Electronics, Vicci, KSE Racing Products, MSD Ignition, QA1, Quarter Master, Schoenfeld, XS Power Racing Batteries, VP Racing Fuels, and Wrisco Aluminum.

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