Billy Dunn Dominates DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Race at Mohawk

Billy Dunn Dominates DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Race at Mohawk

By Martin Belanger

Hogansburg, N.Y. – Sept. 16, 2016 – Billy Dunn current and five time Mohawk track champion showed everyone why he is the man to beat at MIR as he dominated the St.Lawrence Radiology 75 event.

‘’The car was great and has been solid all year long.’’ stated Dunn in the winner circle. ‘’We usually run the #23 car here but our #9 car has been good and we are looking forward to run during DIRT week satellite shows’’ said Dunn speaking about both rides he had in 2016 giving him track championships at both Mohawk and Can-Am.

Finishing second Rudolph was happy with his run: ‘’ I thought we could real him in the longer runs but second is still good and it’s always fun to come up here and run with these guys.’’

Local runner Corey Wheeler was also very pleased with his position: ‘’the car was real good, I was able to run on top and moved up positions.’

Gage Morin and Billy Dunn were on the front row of the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series event as Morin was the early leader over Dunn as Mario Clair was third with Chris Raabe and current series point’s leader Erick Rudolph running the top five.

Morin and Dunn were running side-by-side for the lead as Nick Webb slowed down in turn 4 on lap 11. Action picked up on lap 16 with Morin still in the lead but Dunn stayed with the leader as Rudolph was now running third.

Dunn was able to grab the lead on the following lap and pulled away from the field as Rudolph moved up to second spot on lap 20 with Morin fading to third.

The Watertown, N.Y. driver was on a mission as he got into heavy lap traffic with 30 laps in the books.

At the halfway point, Dunn was still in the lead over Rudolph, Morin, Jordan McCreadie and Clair.

Rookie of the year contender, Joey Ladouceur spun out on the backstretch and the race was brought to yellow conditions on lap 41.

The race was back to green with Dunn in the lead as Corey Wheeler made his way to the front five runners. Wheeler challenged McCreadie for fourth and finally passed him on lap 57.

Dunn in control with Wheeler making some noise by passing Morin for third as Rudolph was holding tight in second.

Dunn led the final laps and won the event over Rudolph, Wheeler, Morin and McCreadie while Carey Terrance finished in 6th after starting scratch on the field.


DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Race #4—Mohawk International Raceway, September 16, 2016 Event Summary

St-Lawrence Radiology 75 Feature Results:

BILLY DUNN, Erick Rudolph, Corey Wheeler, Gage Morin, Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Michael Parent, David Hebert, Lance Willix, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Yan Bussiere, Bobby Herrington, Paul St. Sauver, Madison Mulder, Tommy Flannigan, Joey Ladouceur, John Mulder, Joel Doiron, Roy Delormier, Matt Woodruff, Luke Whitteker, Kayle Robidoux, Tommy Jock Jr., Maxime Viens, Brian Hudson, Zack Aubertine, Nick Webb, Josh VanBrocklin


Morin (1-16)

Dunn (17-75)

Heat Races (8 laps, top 3 went to redraw, 5 to feature)

#1: Billy Dunn, Carey Terrance, Madison Mulder, Tommy Flannigan, Kayle Robidoux, Josh VanBrocklin, Maxime Viens, Tommy Jock, Lance Willix

#2: Erick Rudolph, Gage Morin, Zach Aubertine, Luke Whitteker, Matt Woodruff, John Mulder, Michael Parent, Roger Levesque, Danny O’Brien

#3: Corey Wheeler, Jordan McCreadie, Mario Clair, David Hebert, Nick Webb, Paul St-Sauveur, Roy Delormier, Craig Collier, Chris Thurston

#4: Joey Ladouceur, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Bobby Herrington, Yan Bussiere, Joel Doiron, Robert Delormier, Brian Hudson, Mike Stacey, Sean Beardsley


Mohawk International Raceway DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Race #4 Roster (36)

01 Chris Raabe – Napanee, Ontario

ONE David Hebert – St-Damase, Quebec

1 Craig Collier – Heuvelton, NY

1r Robert Delormier – Hogansburg, NY

2 Zach Aubertine – Chaumont, NY

2 Chris Thurston – La Fargeville, NY

7M Madison Mulder – Brockville, Ontario

9 Billy Dunn – Watertown, NY

9j Jordan McCreadie – Watertown, NY

10 Josh VanBrocklin – Watertown, NY

12 John Mulder – Brockville, Ontario

16 Gage Morin – St-Andrews, Ontario

16W Lance Willix – Theresa, N.Y.

17D Danny O’Brien – Kingston, Ontario

21 Yan Bussiere – Drummondville, Quebec

22c Mario Clair – Drummondville, Quebec

22d Roy Delormier – Hogansburg, N.Y.

23 Joey Ladouceur – Alexandria, Ontario

23 Mike Stacey – Kanhawake, Quebec

24b Roger Levesque – Kingston, Ontario

25 Bobby Herrington – Kingston, Ontario

25p Michael Parent – Granby, Quebec

25M Maxime Viens – Granby, Quebec

27W Nick Webb –

37 Paul St-Sauveur – LaPresentation, Quebec

38 Luke Whitteker – Iroquois, Ontario

46 Kayle Robidoux – Saint-Constant, Quebec

47s Corey Wheeler – Cornwall, Ontario

53 Tommy Jock Jr – Hogansburg, N.Y

55 Matt Woodruff – Bloomingdale, NY

62 Erick Rudolph – Ramsomville, NY

66x Carey Terrance – Hogansburg, NY

93 Sean Beardsley – Central Square, NY

151 Brian McDonald – Cornwall, Ontario

188 Tommy Flannigan – Saint-Catharines, Ontario

621 Brian Hudson – Adams, NY


2016 DIRTcar 358-Modified Series Schedule

Date    Track  Winner

May 23 Merrittville Speedway – Erick Rudolph

May 30 Ramsomville Speedway– Erick Rudolph

Sept. 4 Cornwall Speedway – Gage Morin

Sept. 16 Mohawk International Speedway – Billy Dunn

Sept. 17 Autodrome Granby

Sept. 23 LeRPM Speedway

Sept. 24 Autodrome Drummond

Oct. 5 Weedsport Speedway

Oct. 6 Brewerton Speedway

Oct. 8 Oswego Speedway NAPA Super DIRT Week

Oct. 14 Brockville Speedway