DIRTcar 358-Modified Rule Bulletin


Bulletin: 2012 –2 – August 30th, 2012


The following rule amendments are in regard to the following division, the DIRTcar 358 Modified Series and/or DIRTcar 358 Modifieds:


5.0        Racing Event Procedures


5.16        Special Event (Events that require Pit Stops) – Cars, Equipment and/or Procedures


N.) During post-race inspection at specified events, only the driver, two (2) crew members and the car owner will be permitted in the designated post-race inspection area.


In the event that a DIRTcar 358 Modified attempts to Qualify for the VP Small Engine Fuels 200, the competitor must follow the following rules amendment;


15.2        Fuel, Fuel Cells and Fuel System

D.) The fuel cell must be enclosed completely in a rectangle and/or square container that is a minimum thickness of 20-gauge magnetic steel. An aluminum container may be used as an option and must be a minimum of .060”-inch in thickness. For Super DIRT Week at the New York State Fairgrounds and Specific Events Only: On the bottom of the fuel cell, a piece of .090-guage material (in addition to the existing container) must be used at the bottom of the fuel cell container to prevent bowing and/or deflection. A 1”-inch x 1”-inch x .062”-inch thick magnetic steel square tubing rack must be fabricated on the top, front and rear sides of the fuel cell container. The square tubing must be a minimum of 5”-inches from the outside edge of the fuel cell on either side. The rack may be fastened to the bottom of the fuel cell can utilizing a piece of magnetic steel angle material that is a minimum of 1”-inch x 1”-inch with a minimum material thickness of 1/8”-inche magnetic angle steel.

For Super DIRT Week at the New York State Fairgrounds and Specified events only;

The car must come to inspection with the fuel cell exposed for the purpose of inspection and sealing. The fuel cell can bolts must be tight and the bolt heads must be drilled for the purpose of a DIRTcar seal. The filler plate and the bolts that hold the can together will be sealed.

15.1.3     Carburetor

D.) Heat shield devices of any type, around the carburetor and/or under the hood or cowl that encompass and/or cover the entire engine or carburetor will not be permitted. A shield may be used under the air filter base and must remain on top of the carburetor main body (venturi opening) in an attempt to seal off the air cleaner area. Any type of shield that covers the engine compartment area will not be permitted. A shield may be attached to the hood or air filter base plate for the purpose preventing dust and/or exterior elements being introduced into the air breather. Any shields new in design must be submitted to DIRTcar for approval.

Joe Skotnicki, DIRTcar Northeast

World Racing Group


E-Mail: jskotnicki@dirtcar.com


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