Billy Moyer takes UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals win at Clayhill Motorsports Park!

Atwood, TN – July 1, 2010 – Billy Moyer seemingly picked up right where he left off Thursday night at Clay Hill Motorsports Park in Atwood, Tenn., during night 16 of the DIRTcar Summer Nationals tour.

Moyer, of Batesville, Ark., used the low groove to climb from his inside second-row starting position and slide under 2009 DIRTcar Late Model National Champion Jason Feger of Bloomington, Ill., on the 23rd lap of the 40-lap main event to claim $5,000 for his fourth series victory of 2010.

2009 Hell Tour Champion Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill., charged late to grab second while early leader Feger, who started eighth held on for a third-place finish. Moyer’s son, Billy Moyer Jr. also of Batesville, Ark. would cross the line in fourth ahead of series point leader Shannon Babb of Moweaqua, Ill.

Up next for the DIRTcar Summer Nationals Tour is a visit to Paducah International Raceway on Friday July 2, 2010. In total the Hell Tour has traveled over 3,200 miles in the course of 16 nights. The 98-mile journey from Atwood to Paducah, Ky., is one of the shortest on the tour which offers drivers and their crews time to regroup.

First group
Dennis Erb Jr. (28), Carpentersville, Ill., 15.671
Rodney Melvin (27), Benton, Ill., 15.729
Ryan Unzicker (24), El Paso, Ill., 15.78
Wendell Wallace (88), Batesville, Ark., 15.859
Jack Sullivan (1), Greenbrier, Ark., 15.909
Chris Shelton (16), Paducah, Ky., 16.221
Levi Ashby (1a), Cunningham, Tenn., 16.498
Jim Moon (1m), Zionsville, Ind., 16.637
Richie Hedrick (0), Urbana, Ill., no time

Second group
Jeff Walston (56), Paducah, Ky., 15.769
Randy Sellars (3), Mayfield, Ky., 15.811
Jason McBride (77), Carbondale, Ill., 16.036
Donny Walden (1w) Towanda, Ill., 16.199
Bryan Rupe (39), Mayfield, Ky., 16.598
T.J. Herndon (139), Atwood, Tenn., 16.922
Brandon Thirlby (m14), Traverse City, Mich., 17.706
Zachary White (391), Murray, Ky., 18.383

Third group
Billy Moyer (21), Batesville, Ark., 15.517
Tanner English (96), Benton, Ky., 15.702
Brandon Sheppard (B5), New Berlin, Ill., 15.798
Dane Dacus (54), Arlington, Tenn., 16.031
Kevin Weaver (B12), Gibson City, Ill., 16.087
Caleby Ashby (6i), Cunningham, Tenn., 16.339
Austin Rettig (94), Sikeston, Mo., 32.569
Curtis Roberts (9r), Coleman, Mich., no time

Fourth group
Jason Feger (25), Bloomington, Ill., 15.608
Terry English (33), Benton, Ky., 15.835
Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr), Batesville, Ark., 15.912
Shannon Babb (18), Moweaqua, Ill., 15.958
Jeep Van Wormer (55), Pinconning, Mich., 16.226
Cory Daugherty (96), Blue Mound, Ill., 16.281
Clayton Miller (19), Elkton, Ky., 16.286
Jim Gray (47), Fayetteville, Tenn., 16.877

Heat 1:
Dennis Erb Jr., Ryan Unzicker, Rodney Melvin, Wendell Wallace, Jack Sullivan, Levi Ashby, Chris Shelton, Jim Moon. Scratched: Richie Hedrick

Heat 2:
Jeff Walston, Jason McBride, Randy Sellars, T.J. Herndon, Donny Walden, Bryan Rupe, Brandon Thirlby, Zachary White

Heat 3:
Billy Moyer, Tanner English, Dane Dacus, Kevin Weaver, Brnadon Sheppard, Austin Rettig, Caleb Ashby. Scratched: Curtis Roberts

Heat 4:
Billy Moyer Jr., Jason Feger, Shannon Babb, Jeep Van Wormer, Terry English, Clayton Miller, Cory Daugherty. Scratched: Jim Gray

Jack Sullivan, Brandon Sheppard, Terry English, Donny Walden, Austin Rettig, Chris Shelton, Clayton Miller, Cory Daugherty, Brandon Thirlby, Bryan Rupe, Zachary White, Jim Gray, Levi Ashby. Scratched: Richie Hedrick, Jim Moon, Curtis Roberts, Caleb Ashby

(1) Billy Moyer, (2) Dennis Erb Jr., (3) Jason Feger, (4) Billy Moyer Jr., (5) Shannon Babb, (6) Tanner English, (7) Brandon Sheppard, (8) Wendell Wallace, (9) Jason McBride, (10) Ryan Unzicker, (11) Jeff Walston, (12) Jeep Van Wormer, (13) Kevin Weaver, (14) Dane Dacus, (15) Randy Sellars, (16) Donny Walden, (17) Terry English, (18) T.J. Herndon, (19) Rodney Melvin, (20) Jack Sullivan, (21) Brandon Thirlby