Championship Night A Good One At Willamette Speedway

By Ben Deatherage

The final point race of 2012 closed out in exciting fashion on a cool evening on Saturday September 22nd.  All five regular divisions were on the night’s card which included the DIRTcar Super Late Models, USRA Modifieds, Sportsman, Classic Sportsman, and Mini Trucks.  The weekend was kicked off with a fantastic Kart race on Friday evening for night one of the End Of Summer Bash (results below).


Pete Haag of Alvadore managed to earn his second Mini Truck main event win of the season.  It would mark his second consecutive visit to victory lane as he dominated the race once he obtained the race lead.


Mark Vonsild of Scio would cross the line in second followed by Jefferson drivers Jennifer Robbins in third and Shane Stull in fourth.  Pete Haag was quickest in qualifying at a time of 19.936 seconds and also earning the trophy dash victory while the winner of the heat race was Vonsild.  Vonsild at the end of the night would earn the season championship as Danny Altom donated his truck for the final race of the year so it all would be made possible.


David Cronk of Portland and Lebanon’s Justin Evans put on a terrific race in the Classic Sportsman ranks in their main event.  The battle was settled as the two raced to the yellow flag on lap twenty in which Cronk would gain the lead.  Cronk would go on to win the race and earn his second consecutive win in the classification.


Justin Evans earned a respectable second place finish while Kyle Yeack of Crawfordsville was third.  The fourth place finisher was Randy Jackson from Salem and Sean Cronk of Portland crossed the line fifth.  David Cronk would earn the clean sweep as was fast time, at 17.580 seconds, won the Crocker Cars Classic Trophy Dash as well as the heat race.  Casey Vantruss of Sisters was the other heat race winner and when it was all said and done Kyle Yeack earned his second Classic Sportsman track championship.


Albany’s Brian Smith was dominant for the most part in the Sportsman feature that is once he obtained the lead.  Smith would earn the lead on lap seven and led the field for the rest of the way to earn the win for car owner Glen Hackney.  The victory marked Smith’s fifth victory of the year tying Danny Altom of Lebanon for most wins of the year.


James Slover from Sweet Home was the runner-up and Brian Winkler of Newberg was third.  Casey Rhoades from Lebanon was the fourth place finisher and wrapping up the top five placers was Springfield’s Tim Archer in fifth.  Quickest in qualifying was Brian Smith as well as the trophy dash winner while the victors in the heats were Loren Kruesi of Jefferson, Albany’s Austin Gorham, and Winkler.  Kruesi was the winner of the consolation event and Danny Altom was crowned the champion for his first ever Sportsman title.


It was an emotional scene in victory lane after the USRA Modified main was completed.  Young Brody Pompe who involved in a horrific automobile accident a month before which required him to be hospitalized earned his first career win in the class in only his second race back.  The Philomath driver managed to keep all challengers in check and hold on for the win.


Kyle Yeack was able to hold on to second place in the end while Craig Cassell managed to place third.  Jeremy Shank of Salem crossed the line in the fourth position and the balance of the top five was completed with Albany’s Craig Hanson fifth.  Shank earned fast time honors with clocking in at 16.065, Hanson was the dash winners, and earning wins in the heat races were Robert Jeffers of Halsey and Justin Evans.


Bend’s Rob Mayea looked to be the car to beat in the early goings of the DirtCar Super Late Model action.  With a thirty-lap plus green flag run Cody Sell of Shedd hunted Mayea down and passed him on lap seventeen.  Sell would master traffic and earn the victory for his first win of 2012.


Jeremy Shank would finish in second and Trevor Glaser of Tangent was third at the line.  John Campos of Keizer came home fourth while Rob Mayea ended the night in fifth.  Glaser was fast time in qualifying at 14.341 seconds, Shank earned the trophy dash win, and the heat race winners were Bruce Hipple of Salem, Lebanon’s Tony Brakeall, John Campos, and Rick Wyatt from Aumsville.


Winners of the two fifteen-lap consolation mains were Brady Sell of Salem and Tony Brakeall.  When all the points were tallied Trevor Glaser would earn his sixth career Late Model championship at Willamette Speedway.


Action at Willamette Speedway will take place for two more weeks before the offseason begins.  Tuff Trucks and Trash Cars will compete next Saturday and October 6th will be the last race of the year for the annual Fall Classic.  For the latest information regarding the historical 1/3-mile oval logon to


Race Results

Saturday September 15th

Willamette Speedway

Lebanon, Oregon


DIRTcar Super Late Models

31 Entries

Fast Time: Rob Mayea 15.178

Trophy Dash Winner: Rob Mayea

Heat Race Winners: Darren Coffell (1), Rob Mayea (2), Todd Shandy (3), Brian Cronk (4)

B-Feature: 1. Brian Cronk, 2. Jimmy Whisler, 3. Darren Coffell, 4. Kye Frick, 5. Steve Moore, 6. Todd Shandy, 7. Shaun Mayea, 8. Clay Debban, 9. Mark Thompson, 10. Larry Sharp, 11. Kevin Roberts, 12. Mark Gaylord, 13. Keith Marson, 14. Randy Barley, 15. Jeff Marson, 16. Todd Seig, 17. Bruce Hipple

A-Feature: 1. Trevor Glaser, 2. Jeremy Shank, 3. Rick Wyatt, 4. Rob Mayea, 5. Russ Sell, 6. Casey Vitale, 7. John Campos, 8. Justin Duty, 9. Todd Shandy, 10. Tory Swayngim, 11. Rob Campos, 12. Jimmy Whisler, 13. Jimmy Schram, 14. Brian Cronk, 15. Collen Winebarger, 16. John Duty, 17. Steve Moore, 18. Lynn McDonald, 19. Darren Coffell, 20. Kye Frick


USRA Modifieds

18 Entries

Fast Time: Justin Evans 16.981

Trophy Dash Winner: Dustin Dittman

Heat Race Winners: Matt Mitchell (1), Sam Potter (2)

A-Feature: 1. Joe German, 2. Kelly Miller, 3. Craig Hanson, 4. Craig Cassell, 5. Rod McCombs, 6. Justin Evans, 7. Kyle Yeack, 8. Brian Smith, 9. Sam Potter, 10. Jeremy Shank, 11. Eric Ashley, 12. Ken Gummus, 13. Steve Moore, 14. Brody Pompe, 15. Nate Sim, 16. Dustin Dittman, 17. Jonathan Lewis, 18. Matt Mitchell



25 Entries

Fast Time: Brian Smith 17.280

Trophy Dash Winner: Brian Smith

Heat Race Winners: James Slover (1), Tim Archer (2), Phil Houseworth (3)

B-Feature: 1. James Slover, 2. Jody Tanner, 3. Jeff Rash, 4. Clyde Rood, 5. Austin Gorham, 6. Shane Sholtz, 7. Tyler Kubishta, 8. #111

A-Feature: 1. Brian Smith, 2. Mike Bennett, 3. Justin Dittman, 4. Todd Miller, 5. Phil Houseworth, 6. Brian Winkler, 7. Casey Rhoades, 8. Kevin Roberts, 9. Tim Archer, 10. Jody Tanner, 11. James Slover, 12. Sonny Wallace, 13. Loren Kruesi, 14. Danny Altom, 15. Dan Kerr


Classic Sportsman

15 Entries

Fast Time: David Cronk 18.299

Trophy Dash Winner: David Cronk

Heat Race Winners: Jody Tanner (1), David Cronk (2)

A-Feature: 1. David Cronk, 2. Kyle Yeack, 3. Shannon Horn, 4. Doug Scott, 5. Michael Byram, 6. Larry Rametes, 7. Steve Jorgenson, 8. Christina Foster, 9. Roy Doran, 10. Bricen James, 11. Justin Evans, 12. Jody Tanner, 13. Charles Chambers, 14. Shane Sholtz


Mini Trucks

3 Entries

Fast Time: Pete Haag 23.902

Trophy Dash Winner: Pete Haag

Heat Race Winner: Pete Haag

A-Feature: 1. Pete Haag, 2. Jennifer Robbins, 3. Shane Stull


End Of Summer Bash

Friday September 21st, 2012


Pee Wee

1 Entry

Heat One: Ian Whisler

Heat Two: Ian Whisler

A-Feature: 1. Ian Whisler


5HP Subaru

3 Entries

Heat One: Eston Whisler

Heat Two: Eston Whisler

A-Feature: 1. Eston Whisler, 2. Brody Sim, DNS Talyn Roberts


Speedway Karts

2 Entries

Heat One: Rick Jones

Heat Two: Rick Jones

A-Feature: 1. Rick Jones, DNS Terry Fobar



10 Entries

Heat One: Justin Jones (A), Austin Jones (B)

Heat Two: Eric Scofield (A), Austin Jones (B)

A-Feature: 1. Eric Scofield, 2. Austin Jones, 3. Justin Jones, 4. Casey Starr, 5. Christian Osbourn, 6. Duke Johnson, 7. Kyle Roles, 8. Dalton Piefer, 9. Custin Jones, DNS Austin Rea



1 Entry

Heat One: Tyler Thompson

Heat Two: Tyler Thompson

A-Feature: 1. Tyler Thompson


5HP Open

5 Entries

Heat One: Brody Sim

Heat Two: Brody Sim

A-Feature: 1. McLain Beaudoin, 2. Grace Osbourn, 3. Justen Case, 4. Brody Sim, DNS Dylan Day


Open Kage

13 Entries

Heat One: Matt Enos (A), Patrick Dills (B)

Heat Two: Andrew Burzynski (A), Patrick Dills (B)

A-Feature: 1. Andrew Burzynski, 2. Patrick Dills, 3. Jake Ferguson, 4. Matt Enos, 5. Makenzie Thompson, 6. Brendan Waterman, 7. Jimmy Whisler, 8. Randy Phelps, 9. Ian Bandey, 10. Megan Fitch, 11. Brendan Boyce, 12. Chuck Carson, 13. Jonathan Fitch


Championship Night

Saturday September 22nd, 2012


DirtCar Super Late Models

37 Entries

Fast Time: Trevor Glaser 14.341

Trophy Dash Winner: Jeremy Shank

Heat Race Winners: Bruce Hipple (1), Tony Brakeall (2), John Campos (3), Rick Wyatt (4)

First B-Feature: 1. Brady Sell, 2. Tory Swayngim, 3. Rob Campos, 4. Jayme Van, 5. Paul Culp, 6. Kelly McIntyre, 7. Larry Sharp, 8. Justin Perkins, 9. Curt Fry, 10. Bruce Hipple, 11. Mark Gaylord

Second B-Feature: 1. Tony Brakeall, 2. Justin Duty, 3. Mark Thompson, 4. Todd Shandy, 5. Darren Coffell, 6. Bryan Norton, 7. Randy Barley, 8. Mike Peters, 9. Keith Marson, 10. Clay Debban, 11. Cody Sells

A-Feature: 1. Cody Sell, 2. Jeremy Shank, 3. Trevor Glaser, 4. John Campos, 5. Rob Mayea, 6. John Duty, 7. Russ Sell, 8. Rick Wyatt, 9. Casey Vitale, 10. Jon Kauffman, 11. Justin Dittman, 12. Brady Sell, 13. Tony Brakeall, 14. Justin Duty, 15. Mark Thompson, 16. Tory Swayngim, 17. Steve Moore, 18. Rob Campos, 19. Kevin Roberts, 20. Brian Cronk


USRA Modifieds

17 Entries

Fast Time: Jeremy Shank 16.065

Trophy Dash Winner: Craig Hanson

Heat Race Winners: Robert Jeffers (1), Justin Evans (2)

A-Feature: 1. Brody Pompe, 2. Kyle Yeack, 3. Craig Cassell, 4. Jeremy Shank, 5. Craig Hanson, 6. Dustin DIttman, 7. Doug Davenport, 8. Jonathan Lewis, 9. Robert Jeffers, 10. Ken Gummus, 11. Matthew Drager, 12. Jeffrey Rivers, 13. Brian Smith, 14. Nate Sim, 15. Steve Moore, 16. Justin Evans, DNS Mike Miller



28 Entries

Fast Time: Brian Smith 16.115

Trophy Dash Winner: Brian Smith

Heat Race Winners: Loren Kruesi (1), Austin Gorham (2), Brian Winkler (3)

B-Feature: 1. Loren Kreusi, 2. Cory Hazen, 3. Archie Teeples, 4. Mitch Carter, 5. Jody Tanner, 6. Alan Jeffers, 7. Max Augustine, 8. Shane Sholtz, 9. Austin Gorham, DNS Tyler Kubishta

A-Feature: 1. Brian Smith, 2. James Slover, 3. Brian Winkler, 4. Casey Rhoades, 5. Tim Archer, 6. Brian Brown, 7. Jeff Rash, 8. Sonny Wallace, 9. Dan Kerr, 10. Sean Cronk, 11. Cory Hazen, 12. Clyde Rood, 13. Danny Altom, 14. Phil Houseworth, 15. Jeff Marson, 16. Loren Kruesi


Classic Sportsman

18 Entries

Fast Time: David Cronk 17.580

Trophy Dash Winner: David Cronk

Heat Race Winners: Casey Vantruss (1), David Cronk (2)

A-Feature: 1. David Cronk, 2. Justin Evans, 3. Kyle Yeack, 4. Randy Jackson, 5. Sean Cronk, 6. Doug Scott, 7. Larry Rametes, 8. Steve Jorgenson, 9. Shannon Horn, 10. Jody Tanner, 11. J.J. Irvine, 12. Justin Bottcher, 13. Tom Yeack, 14. Casey Vantruss, 15. Michael Byram, 16. Christina Foster, 17. Donny Allison, 18. Roy Doran


Mini Trucks

4 Entries

Fast Time: Pete Haag 19.936

Trophy Dash Winner: Pete Haag

Heat Race Winner: Mark Vonsild

A-Feature: 1. Pete Haag, 2. Mark Vonsild, 3. Jennifer Robbins, 4. Shane Stull