Glaser Wins Workman Memorial

By Ben Deatherage

Lebanon, Oregon- The Tangent Mafia went wild at the drop of the checkered flag at Willamette Speedway when their driver Trevor Glaser earned the win beating veteran driver Russ Sell to the line.  The finish was the climax of an epic battle between the two storied drivers that lasted nearly the entire race that took place on Sunday September 2nd that featured both the DirtCar Super Late Models and DAA Northwest Extreme Late Model Series presented by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes.  The feature went a distance of sixty-four laps in honor of Bill Workman’s old number that he ran for several years and the number his son Billy continues to run.


A false start occurred on initial green flag and would force a second attempt to complete a lap in.  On the second start the 99.9 KRKT Cricket County/South Pacific Auto Sales and Service Center #50 Swartz would grab the lead.  Sell would cruise for the first ten laps until the fifteenth circuit when Trevor Glaser came into the picture.


Both Sell and Glaser would battle for the lead for a good three laps and Sell seemed to have the position secured to where he developed some breathing room.  The race would go on for some time with traffic coming into the mix of things all while the race remained green for a long period of time.


Things really started to heat up past the halfway mark when the Mid-Valley Farms/Crop Production Services #2 Trak-Star of Glaser came into the picture at contending for the lead. On lap thirty-eight Glaser had reeled Sell in and by lap forty Glaser overtook Sell for the lead.  Two laps later Sell would retrieve the top place position by getting around Glaser.


Sell’s reestablishment as the leader didn’t last for long as Glaser got back around him and completed the pass on lap forty-five.  A caution on lap forty-eight and another on lap forty-nine would bring a pause to the action and set things up for the final laps.


In the closing laps Sell managed to keep in stride with Glaser and attempted to overtake him one last time but it would Glaser edging him out at the start-finish line to capture his fourth win of the season at Willamette Speedway and his fifth overall DirtCar Super Late Model triumph of the campaign.


Russ Sell would place a respectable second place finish as he looked to add another victory after winning the previous night’s Race of Champions.  The battle for the lead completely overshadowed the great run that Brian Cronk had going for him and at one point looked to do battle with the leaders when they were briefly being held up in lapped traffic.  Cronk, in the Metro Services/Big Sky Landscaping #29 Rocket from Portland, has turned his season around considerably after struggling in the first half of the year.


Greg Walter of Banks once again proved to everyone that he is still a force to reckon with after starting fifteenth he would finish fourth in his T&G Trucking/Warpaint Motorsports Graphix #97 Victory Circle mount.  Completing the top five was Jimmy Schram of Vancouver, Washington, who set quick time the night before, in his Schram Brothers Excavating/Extreme Motorsports #22S Victory Circle in fifth.


In preliminary action Russ Sell, as stated before, won the trophy dash which featured eight-cars for eight-laps.  The win would gain him the pole and where drivers finished in that race is where they would start in the first four rows of the feature.


Two consolation races were run with the top four in each moving on to survive in the main event.  Jason Wines of Lebanon managed to win the first race in the Kartco Racing/James Gang Pizza #41 Mastersbilt and the second consolation event was won by teenager Justin Duty of Happy Valley in the Don Frank Flooring/Elite Cabinets Plus #15 Rocket.


The DirtCar Super Late Models will return in action to Willamette Speedway after taking Saturday September 8th off.  Two point events remain for the classification at the historic 1/3-mile the 15th and 22nd of this current month.  To find out the latest information regarding the Willamette Speedway be sure and log on to


Race Results

Bill Workman Memorial

Sunday September 2nd, 2012

Willamette Speedway

Lebanon, Oregon

47 Entries

Trophy Dash Winner: Russ Sell

First B-Feature: 1. Jason Wines, 2. Greg Walters, 3. Tim Goodwin, 4. Cody Sell, 5. Darren Coffell, 6. Brady Sell, 7. Terry Hall, 8. Tanner Wines, 9. Collen Winebarger, 10. Todd Shandy, 11. Steve Moore, 12. Jason Johnson, 13. Britton Donahoo, 14. Spencer Warlick, 15. Charlie James, 16. Mark Gaylord, 17. Tony Brakeall

Second B-Feature: 1. Justin Duty, 2. John Duty, 3. Tory Swayngim, 4. Jerry Schram, 5. Rick Wyatt, 6. Bob Trout, 7. Paul Culp, 8. Rob Campos, 9. Mark Thompson, 10. Kevin Roberts, 11. Scott Winebarger, 12. Jack Marontate, 13. Doug Trout, 14. Dan Deibele, 15. Andrew Robertson, 16. Jayme Van, 17. John Campos

A-Feature: 1. Trevor Glaser, 2. Russ Sell, 3. Brian Cronk, 4. Greg Walters, 5. Jimmy Schram, 6. Casey Vitale, 7. Cody Sell, 8. Tim Goodwin, 9. Jerry Schram, 10. Bruce Hipple, 11. John Duty, 12. Justin Duty, 13. Tony Brakeall, 14. Jason Wines, 15. Billy Workman Jr., 16. Tory Swayngim, 17. Joey Tanner, 18. Bryan Norton, 19. Randy Boyd, 20. Rob Mayea


Saturday September 1st, 2012

46 Entries

Fast Time: Jimmy Schram 15.689

Slow Trophy Dash Winner: Bob Trout

Heat Race Winners: Randy Boyd (1), Russ Sell (2), Trevor Glaser (3), Rob Mayea (4)

Race of Champions: 1. Russ Sell, 2. Cody Sell, 3. Trevor Glaser, 4. Brian Cronk, 5. Jerry Schram, 6. Steve Moore, 7. Jimmy Schram, 8. Greg Walters, 9. Casey Vitale, 10. Joey Tanner, 11. Brady Sell, 12. Paul Culp, 13. Billy Workman Jr., 14. Rick Wyatt, 15. John Duty, 16. Tony Seeley, 17. Bryan Norton, 18. Tony Brakeall