Mid-Season Championship Night In The 2012 Books

By Ben Deatherage

The Willamette Speedway returned to its normal routine on Saturday July 21st with all five regular classes on hand for Mid-Season Championship Night.  The historic 1/3 oval had the return of the DirtCar Super Late Models, USRA Modifieds, Sportsman, Classic Sportsman, and Mini Trucks in competition.  Also the Karts were in action on Friday July 20th for their third race of the current season which seen the best track of the year in which the track crew worked extremely hard to make it the widest it has ever been.


Russ Sell of Brownsville earned his second win of 2012 in the DirtCar Super Late Model feature and did so in exciting fashion as he passed John Duty of Happy Valley on the last lap.  With the victory Sell tied Trevor Glaser from Tangent for most wins in the classification.


John Duty would finish in second while Trevor Glaser was third.  The fourth place finisher was Cody Sell of Shedd and crossing the line in fifth was Albany driver Casey Vitale.  Rob Mayea of Bend was fastest in qualifying at a time of 16.108 seconds, winners of the heats were Terry Hall of Dallas, Albany’s Randy Barley, Darren Coffell of Bend, and Cody Sell, while Vitale captured the trophy dash victory and Coffell won the consolation feature.


In USRA Modified action Kyle Yeack of Crawfordsville earned his first point victory of the season.  Yeack previously won a non-point affair earlier in the year in June.  Yeack is the second to driver to win more than once joining Lebanon’s Justin Evans on that list.


Sam Potter of Monmouth was scored as second while Justin Evans was third.  The fourth place finisher was Dustin Dittman of Albany while Trent Croy of Gresham crossed the line in fifth.  Evans was quick time at a time of 17.170 seconds, heat race winners included Brody Pompe of Philomath, Albany’s Brett James, and Sandy Sanders of Junction City, and Dustin Dittman was the trophy dash winner while Sweet Home driver Kevin Keeney won the consolation feature.


Tangent driver Justin Dittman won his second Sportsman feature of the season by overtaking leader Zach Maurice of Lebanon on lap three.  Dittman is now tied with Brian Winkler of Newberg for the second most wins in the classification both of which are trailing Lebanon’s Danny Altom who has managed three wins, two of which are point victories.


Todd Miller of Albany finished in second place while Lebanon’s Glen Hackney was the third place finisher.  The fourth place finisher was Brian Brown of Portland and completing the top five was Jeff Marson of Molalla in fifth.  Danny Altom was quickest in time trials at 17.420 seconds, Casey Rhoades of Lebanon, Tim Archer from Springfield, Justin Dittman, and Loren Kruesi of Jefferson were heat race winners, while Chris Bishop of Lebanon won the trophy dash and Cory Aldrich also of Lebanon won the consolation feature.


Erik Jarnport of Monmouth became the latest different winner in the Classic Sportsman.  Jarnport grabbed the lead on lap three passing Sandy driver Doug Scott.


Kyle Yeack finished second and Portland’s Sean Cronk finished in third.  The balance of the top five included Randy Jackson of Salem in fourth and J.J. Irvine from Lebanon in fifth.  Bricen James was fast time of the night at 18.552 seconds, heat races were won by Albany’s Bob Kingsberry, Doug Scott, and Tim Cramlett of Lebanon, while Cramlett won the trophy dash and the consolation feature was won Jody Tanner of Portland.


In the Mini Truck feature Jeremy Stinnett won the feature to become the third different winner in the class’ debut season.  Mark Vonsil of Scio finished second followed by Johnny Adams of Portland in third.  Peter Haag and Danny Altom completed the top five.  Vonsil was quick time at 20.641 seconds while Stinnett won both the heat race and trophy dash.


Next week the Willamette Speedway will see the Northwest Wingless Tour return to the historic facility.  Also in action will be Sportsman, Classics, and Mini Trucks for the event that will take place on Saturday July 28th.  For more information log on to www.trophymotorsports.com.


Race Summary

Kart Race #3

Friday July 20th, 2012

Willamette Speedway

Lebanon, Oregon


Pee Wee

4 Cars

A-Feature: Talyn Roberts, 2. Haven Duran, 3. Kason Miller, DNS Konner Boshart


5HP Subaru

2 Cars

A-Feature: 1. A.J. Harbaugh, 2. Brody Sim


5HP Open

3 Cars

A-Feature: 1. Brody Sim, 2. Gatlyn Anderson, 3. McLain Beaudoin



11 Cars

A-Feature: 1. Austin Jones, 2. Justin Jones, 3. Kyle Cormican, 4. Cooper Desbiens, 5. Eric Scofield, 6. Duke Johnson, 7. Kyle Fitch, 8. Kyle Roles, 9. Casey Starr, 10. Jared Lund, 11. Corbin Anderson



2 Cars

A-Feature: 1. Matt McDowell, 2. Tyler Thompson


Open Kage

7 Cars

A-Feature: 1. Andrew Burzynski, 2. Mackenzie Thompson, 3. Brenden Waterman, 4. Briley Pompe, 5. Dee Dee Burzynski, 6. Megan Fitch, 7. Randy Phelps


KT Speedway Karts

4 Cars

A-Feature: 1. Darren Brown, 2. Brad Benton, 3. Bill Story, 4. Rick Jones


KT Junior Speedway Karts

1 Car

A-Feature: 1. Bailey Story


Mid-Season Championship Night

Saturday July 21st, 2012


DirtCar Super Late Models

33 Cars

Fast Time: Rob Mayea 16.108

Heat Race Winners: Terry Hall (1), Randy Barley (2), Darren Coffell (3), Cody Sell

Trophy Dash Winner: Casey Vitale

B-Feature: 1. Darren Coffell, 2. Kye Frick, 3. Tory Swayngim, 4. Randy Boyd, 5. Bruce Hipple, 6. Jordan Wright, 7. Terry Hall, 8. Keith Marson, 9. Brian Cronk, 10. Spencer Warlick, 11. Kevin Roberts, 12. Fred Lang, 13. Jeff Marson, 14. Curt Fry, 15. Mark Gaylord, 16. Randy Barley, 17. Destiny Epps, 18. Shawn Benton, 19. Clay Debban

A-Feature: 1. Russ Sell, 2. John Duty, 3. Trevor Glaser, 4. Cody Sell, 5. Casey Vitale, 6. Steve Moore, 7. John Campos, 8. Justin Duty, 9. Rob Mayea, 10. Lynn McDonald, 11. Mark Thompson, 12. Kye Frick, 13. Jon Kauffman, 14. Tory Swayngim, 15. Darren Coffell, 16. Tony Brakeall, 17. Tom Lawson, 18. Bruce Hipple, 19. Randy Boyd, 20. Jordan Wright


USRA Modifieds

23 Cars

Fast Time: Justin Evans 17.170

Heat Race Winners: Brody Pompe (1), Brett James (2), Sandy Sanders (3),

Trophy Dash Winner: Dustin Dittman

B-Feature: 1. Kevin Keeney, 2. Brody Pompe, 3. Matthew Drager, 4. Phil Robinson, 5. Jonathan Lewis, 6. Ken Gummus, 7. Rick Chambers, 8. Brett McCutcheon, 9. Josh Sim

A-Feature: 1. Kyle Yeack, 2. Sam Potter, 3. Justin Evans, 4. Dustin Dittman, 5. Trent Croy, 6. Craig Cassell, 7. Sandy Sanders, 8. Brody Pompe, 9. Rod McCombs, 10. Phil Robinson, 11. Jonathan Lewis, 12. Les Williamson, 13. Tom Yeack, 14. Brett James, 15. Matthew Drager, 16. John Campos, 17. Steve Moore, 18. Kevin Keeney, 19. Ken Gummus, 20. Jesse Williamson, 21. Rick Chambers



28 Cars

Fast Time: Danny Altom 17.420

Heat Race Winners: Casey Rhoades (1), Tim Archer (2), Justin Dittman (3), Loren Kreusi (4)

Trophy Dash Winner: Chris Bishop

B-Feature: 1. Cory Aldrich, 2. Archie Teeples, 3. Adam Passmore, 4. Clyde Rood, 5. Shane Schultz, 6. Austin Gorham, 7. Casey Rhoades, 8. Roy Bertaloni, 9. Dan Kerr, 10. Nate Morale, 11. Kyle Yeack, 12. Tim Archer, 13. Jeff Rasch, 14. Jamie Gayler, 15. Brian Goetz

A-Feature: 1. Justin Dittman, 2. Todd Miller, 3. Glen Hackney, 4. Brian Brown, 5. Jeff Marson, 6. Zach Maurice, 7. Loren Kruesi, 8. Cory Aldrich, 9. Bill Allison, 10. Archie Teeples, 11. Danny Altom, 12. Chris Bishop, 13. Brian Winkler, 14. Phil Houseworth, 15. Sonny Wallace


Classic Sportsman

23 Cars

Fast Time: Bricen James 18.552

Heat Race Winners: Bob Kingsberry (1), Doug Scott (2), Tim Cramlett (3)

Trophy Dash Winner: Tim Cramlett

B-Feature:  1. Jody Tanner, 2. D.W. Northey, 3. Gary Allison, 4. Christina Foster, 5. Brian Smith, 6. Tom Yeack, 7. Bob Kingsberry, 8. Larry Rametes

A-Feature: 1. Erik Jarnport, 2. Kyle Yeack, 3. Sean Cronk, 4. Randy Jackson, 5. J.J. Irvine, 6. Brad Gentry, 7. Bricen James, 8. Steve Jorgenson, 9. Doug Scott, 10. Jody Tanner, 11. D.W. Northey, 12. Donny Allison, 13. Tim Cramlett


Mini Trucks

Fast Time: Mark Vonsil 20.641

Heat Race Winners:

Trophy Dash Winner:

A-Feature: 1. Jeremy Stinnett, 2. Mark Vonsil, 3. Johnny Adams, 4. Peter Haag, 5. Danny Altom